Games to play at home


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Games to play at home

Lame but...

Last night I just realized how fun it was to play games at home with the kids. No...not talking about video games or any electronic type ones.

We were sitting down watchin' Jeopardy and I forgot how it came about but we were sitting down wondering who can write down all 50 states in the US in 2 or 3 minutes. Not only was my heart racing but it was actually fun! Yeah...I only got about 20 if not less. Just when you think you know it all! Then for about an hour we did...

Pro football teams (I was only able to name 5 -not bad for only watching the Super Bowl this season and I really don't watch football! Here I am in CA and I missed jotting down the Chargers)
Pro basketball teams
Fruits and veggies (This one I got like 30!)
Animals (I think I made a few up )
Cereal (This was a crack up b/c I could remember the commercial and the frog or the tiger (etc) but not the name! I do remember writing down "Snap, Crackle and Pop" and after a few seconds I realized that's not the name of the cereal.)
People from the Bible

I did miss one of my favorite shows on tv but it was well worth it. So if you all got kids or get bored at home...try it out. It's really fun. When you're done, look at the papers and check out how some things are spelled. It's hilarious when you realize how badly you spelled things out while trying to write fast.
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sounds fun!

when our power was out recently for SEVEN days, we played a LOT of games (until it got too dark, anyway)! Battleship was a favorite, but we also enjoyed Checkers, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, a matching card game, Tic Tac Toe, Candyland, Shutes & Ladders, and several others. Games really are fun, but we (society in general) seem to always just mindlessly turn on the TV out of habit or just for some noise to fill the silence and then we miss out on these simple "old fashioned" games that give us a precious chance to interact with our kids. ours are 6 and 9 - the perfect age for games. i'd take playing a game over having to listen to some of these horrendous "kids" shows anyday! i'm so sick of hearing about Hannah and Carly and Josh and Drake i could, like, scream!!!! like, you know? totally?
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Originally Posted by Annette View Post
i'm so sick of hearing about Hannah and Carly and Josh and Drake i could, like, scream!!!! like, you know? totally?
im like down with that ya know.
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My grandfather had a roulette table and 4 slot machines in the basement, which I would always maintain when I was younger.

Now in my adult life I count cards, and for a while there last year made it my job.

Start them young on games, is what I say. I'm all for it.
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Those are some good ideas. Thanks. You know, when my son was in first grade, we had some placemats that had a US map with capitols, and one with all the presidents, and some others. We got to where we would take it on the drive to school, and he would ask me, such as what's the capitol of ...? etc. In turn he learned them and then I would ask him. He knew all the states and capitols and the first 16 presidents by number.

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