Mascot names


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Mascot names

Tater, Spud and Sprout

These names are for penguins that have bodies shaped almost identical to Mr. Potato Head.

For the most part, I'm getting positive feedback on this naming of the mascots.

It does not directly tie into my product branding but this attitude is geared towards the kids of the parents who will be buying/leasing my product, that's it.

My web designer didn't like this idea, but even his wife thought it was cute.

I truly believe that if I name these penguins similar to my product line, I'm basically following the same ole stupid long line that brings normalcy to your product. Not the super bowl/make you think about it kinda marketing ploy.

Take for example the latest DirectTV commercial; it's the Scooby Doo crew, ties back to a lot of us from years ago when it was in it's prime time when we was kids and now as adults remember now.

That is its purpose; think about when we was younger, how limited tv really was; very few channels and cartoons were only on in the early morning and only on during saturday morning.

DirectTV provides the slant that their product offers much more selection and has what you need, watch cartoons 24 hours a day, even reruns of Scooby Doo if you like.

It's a "make you think" target along with "tell someone else" game......which I did by writing this and you reading it. There is no direct correlation between Direct TV and Scooby Doo.....other than a tv broadcasts the show. <<That's a given though....but that's where marketing enters the reason it was created.

What's normal and expected doesn't market your product; what's strange/bizarre/indirects with a guessing game seems to be a more fruitful way to bring exposure to your product.

Any input is welcome; I don't have a background in marketing but I know how the wheels turn in how to promote your product and make it sell.
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Are you sure Anheuser-Busch won't sue you for using one of their old mascot names?

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