Selling things in a flea market


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Selling things in a flea market

I'm not sure this fits in this area of topics, but I have sooo much furniture to sell and just stuff around my house that I've tried to sell in garage sales before, but didn't do too well.

There's a BIG flea market here where I live and for a covered space of 12' X 24', the cost is $100 to reserve it for a weekend or more days.

So, I was thinking of asking my sister-in-law (who also has alot of things to sell) to go in with me and split the cost of the rented space.

This is a huge flea market that has tons of people selling their stuff.

Has anybody had any good/bad experiences with selling at flea markets? What items sell the best?

Thank you in advance!
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Save yourself! Its much easier to chuck or give away junk. Twice we had garage sales where we carried stuff in that was too good to junk so we kept it till the next garage sale. BAAAAD

People would want to negotiate and I'd counter with a much lower price than they offered or I'd tell them that since they asked, its theirs for free. I still couldn't give it all away and I had some good junk!
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I have tried to make profits at flea markets before, but after you pay for the table or space ($100) the profit margin just isn't worth it. Besides, you weekend is shot, and you still have to take half of the stuff home with you. Over the years of collecting "things" inadvertently, I find it best to turn my troubles over to the local SAFE house, Christian Love Ministries, or other charities, get a receipt for the gifts and plug it in to Quickbooks for the year end tax deduction. No time wasted, good causes (feel good), basement is clean, and I don't have to bring any of it back. Just my opinion, and they are like belly buttons; everyone has one, so good luck with your "stuff".
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Originally Posted by RMCHomeowner View Post
I have sooo much furniture to sell
One can get awesome deals buying bulky items at yard sales, auctions, etc. Because nobody's prepared to haul the large item, it's too much work, there's no immediate place to store it.

I suggest selling the heavy items online, as in "U pick up".
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I have to say that I frequent yard sales and flea markets quite often and find that sellers tend to place too high a value on used things.
Furniture, knickknacks and household items have almost no value.
People who frequent flea markets go there to buy things they do not need and often only go with pocket change.

If you do offer your stuff at a flea market and plan to give it away to charity at the end of the sale, you may be inclined to lower your prices.

Anything will sell if the price is right.
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i've bought a sofa and sold (okay, gave away) a fridge on you can post pics, which i would highly recommend you do, and it's arranged by locale/area, so you'll get local people looking who can come & pick the items up. and the listings are totally free, so you have nothing to lose.
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If you're willing to give it away, try People ask for and offer stuff for free. We got an excersize bike for a handicapped relative, and just gave away a rim & tire for a jeep cherokee.
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You might contact a local auctioneer and see if he would sell your furniture on consignment. A lot of times, they will add items to an estate auction in order to attract a wider audience -- as well as make a little more commission.

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