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guardrail petition

Does anyone know how you go about asking the county to install a guardrail?

My son bought a house on a narrow county road last year. The speed limit is 25 mph. Last night a girl lost control of her car and landed on top of my son's 1986 toyota corrolla GT which was parked in his driveway She has no insurance and he only has liability. This car was his pride and joy, excellent condition...... well it was... now it's totalled

Back in january of this year, my oldest son had left his broke down jeep parked in the field to the right of the driveway and a hit run [white pick up] ran 60' off of the road, hit the jeep moving it about 10' The pick up did leave 1/2 of grille and glass from lights and turn signal. The deputy noted that had the driver not hit the jeep, he would have either hit the house or landed in the creek.

My thinking is a guard rail would offer more protection of his property from all the idiots that don't obey the 25 mph speed limit.
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Go to the county and ask for a guardrail.
Barring that, park a bunch of junk autos along the road edge and use them for a guardrail. When the county complains, tell them the story and that the cars stay until a guardrail is installed.
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After simply asking for the guardrail, you might put up a ficticious 'In Memory of' wreath on that curve. It might get noticed by just enough folks to matter.
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Sorry to hear your son's trouble. Is the young woman all right?
Perhaps she and/or her family will wish to be allies with you.

In our county, the state maintains the roads, so, I'd start there.
Depends on who maintains, but it may be simple as a request for a work order.
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Start with your local council person or what ever elected official you have.
If they won't help put those huge boulders alnog the property line.
Even though the girl has no insurance you can probably still sue her for the damage. She is still responsible just that SHE has to pay it not the insurance. They can garnish wages or attach a bank account.
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Got a little good news today - my son's uninsured motorist coverage will pay for the damages. The hard part might be in convincing them that the car is worth substansially more than blue book price. He's already found 2 similiar cars for sale about 3x blue book price. The car might be repairable.

I assume the girl recieved no more than bumps and bruises, at any rate the rescue squad wasn't called. The tow truck removed her car off of my son's car but then said it would be the next day before they would haul her car off as of 20 minutes ago, her car was still there.

Talked to someone at the county hwy dept. They said they would send the foreman out to look at it. That part of my son's property is about 3'-4' lower than the road and the drop off is immediate. The other side of the road has less than 1' before there is approx a 60 degree climb to the top of the hill [about 50'] The road is very narrow with no good way to widen it. No effective place to set boulders, a guard rail is about the only option. Like a lot of older properties around here, the frontage property line runs down the middle of the road.

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