How secure is this wonderfull site?


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How secure is this wonderfull site?

Does anyone know if it is possible to download onto a disc the archives of this wonderfull site? Hope this site never goes south. There are some murmurings on the homewiring usa site that such a thing could happen to theirs. Perhaps I'm mis-reading??!! Raycraft has retired and John alone seems to be moderating but not responding. Perhaps he too is considering retiring. I hope not. Need some assurance as I loooove the free education I get from these sites. Wish I was experienced enough to take on the moderator job, but alas. A word from "John" would ease my worries. Thanx all
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There is software out there that lets you download an entire website. It is generally used so that you can visit a site "offline". I don't know if they would want you creating all that traffic though.

With or without this site, everyone should know what they are doing, where to turn for help, and when to call a pro.

I wonder if John is still around. I've seen the super moderators around this forum.
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I'm guessing there are at least a few terrabytes of data in the archives. If you start now on a high-speed connection it would take a year and hundreds of data DVDs to download all of them.

Don't worry, though. This site is owned by Internet Brands Inc., a publicly traded company. It isn't going anywhere.

John Nelson and racraft are top-notch people who donated thousands of hours of their time to this site, but the fact is, mods come and go all the time.

Speaking of Supermods (and Group Mods), one of them will no doubt be along shortly to move this thread to a more appropriate location.
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Nothing is forever but as far as our archives being maintained it is more likely that they would stand a better chance of sticking around here as the site you linked to.
As said we are owned by a large company and would expect we have many more resources that the home wiring site which appears to be possibly be owned by an individual.

Moderators as well come and go.
We are very grateful to ones who stick around for a long time but often people need a change or sometimes just a break.
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Thank-you for the response. I feel much better now. (lol)
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Ha! I thought he was going to ask about hacking!

"Security" sure has a lot of different meanings these days. (Apologies to Linus' blanket.)
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As much as we depend on the moderators, this site is driven by the sharing of experience between all its members. Which is what allows it to thrive, even as moderators come and go. There's alot of pro's giving their advice too, when they can, that aren't mods.

Long live

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