Ask a mod a question...


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Ask a mod a question...

Is there some program that determines the selection of a screen name? For example, I just saw "Welcome to our newest member,__________" with a screen name, that while it did startle me into a laugh, is probably not appropriate.

You know, how DMV screens for inappropriate license plates?

Also, when someone posts a question in the wrong forum, and I tell them to contact a mod to have their post moved- how do they know who to contact? When I need a moderator, (What a phrase!) I scroll to the bottom of the forums and see if I recognize any names online. Is that as good a way to contact as any?

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Seeing who's currently online will probably get a quicker response. At the bottom of each forum section there is a list of the mods for that section.

Topic mods can only moderate in the sections that they are a mod in. Super mods are able to moderate any where in the forums. a group mod is somewhere in between.

If you have problems or questions about the site contacting any mod should get the ball rolling. Even if the particular mod you notify can't address the problem, he/she can forward it to one that can.
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Thumbs up How It All Works

The software does not allow duplicate member names. One way it screens members names.

The Welcome is located at the very bottom of the forums list of topics on the forums page. Title below. Community Forums Statistics

Which is a built in welcome & greeting program code within the software. Used by many other sites as well as this one.

Why that would not be appropriate is beyond me. Kindly advise why you think such a welcome & greeting isn't appropriate please. I would appreciate knowing why.

When a post is in the incorrect topic, notify a super mod via a PM. Kindly including a link to the post within the Pm. The super mod can then move the post with a redirect into the correct topic.

Also in your Pm kindly suggest into which topic the new post should go into, in your opinion and why. The super mod the Pm is sent to will then move, with a redirect, the post. If they determine it needs to be moved. Based upon the nature of the question, etc.

Same applies to duplicate posts in more then one topic. Notify a super mod how many duplicates there are and use a link to each in the Pm. Super Mod (S/M) will then delete all duplicates.

Use the report a bad post icon button (not a Pm) to report rule and/or policy violations. Fill in all areas requested. send it. Doing so creates a new thread in another forum only super mods have access to.

S/M's then take the actions needed, if any are needed. Their discreations to do so or not do so, based upon the violation(s).

Hope this helps everyone understand better how it all works.....
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Thanks, Sharp Advice!

You misunderstood what I said...I do not think the welcome greeting is inappropriate- it was the name the member chose as a screen name that I thought inappropriate.

I SAW the screen name at the bottom of the forum where it said," Welcome to our newest member, assmonke."

I didn't think that an appropriate screen name and wondered if this forum had a program that weeded out problems like that automatically, or if that, too, was something to direct to a moderator.

Please feel free to edit this post as necessary to make my point without losing the intent.

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Tom did say that if you see something amiss or an improper member name in a post use the report a post button to bring it to someone's attention.
If it is in a case of a newly registered member who has not yet posted anything you would have to contact a Super moderator as they would have to deal with the member.

You should be aware that you may not be able to see all moderators that are online.
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Thanks for the clarification.... .....

The software does not completely screen for inappropriate member names. However, the software does screen for censored words.

Inappropriate member names should also be reported using the method described. Doing so is a benefit to everyone.

Once reported, a super moderator will deal with it as necessary.

Thanks for asking. We all learn more this way...
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Thanks so much to Tom and Greg for taking the time to educate us. I'm sure I speak for most of us, when I say, "I just want to give the best information I can".

I try to follow the rules, wherever I go. (Catholic School never fades-it follows you your whole life!)( I've never cheated on my taxes, even when self-employed!)

I love to joke and have a good time answering here, but I want to be careful not to offend anyone. I'm sensitive to what is "proper".

So, I think the software should have caught that guy's (I know it was a guy ) screen name, and saved me the embarrassment of this whole conversation!

I know what you're could anyone who relates those "bloopers" be embarrassed? Good question!

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Can't speak for the other Mod's, but one thing I always do while here is take a quick browse of both the "newest member" and everyone else in the current on-line list for inappropriate user names. Nabbed quite a few (just ask DIYaddict & mattison).

As for software, I seem to recall we had a period a while back where censoring software in the Forums themselves was problematic; for instance the word "glass" might appear as "gl***". I suspect trying to write programming for all the billions of cute ways to register inappropriate names would be a nightmare.
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Tow Guy, you make a good point about the identifying software...

I hate when you are filling out a form online- you type your name, address, city, state, zip code,telephone number, credit card number, security code, expiration date, (number of children, weight at age 16, your mother's maiden dog's, name in a secret question )

Then, an error! Sometimes the program doesn't even tell you which line has the problem- oh, I put a space between my telephone number, or I can't enter the 9 digit zip, only five!

Anyway, I too, like to look when I log on. I like to see if some of my favorite responders are here, I like to see how many people are on site, and yes, I like to see new members

By the way, Tow Guy, I like your tile top table!

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