Saying Good Morning and...


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Saying Good Morning and...

mean it!

How often do you get a "Good Morning" from someone/anyone?

I was having a bad morning today (and I'm always a bright-eyed, happy, cheery morning person), walked into a grocery store this morning and a couple employees passed by me, smiled and said "Good Morning!" I could tell they meant it and was happy and cheery too. 5 seconds later another employee passes by me and says the same thing the same way.

Man, was I in shock. That just NEVER ever happens around here. I thought I was in la la, happy, happy, dreamy land or something.

Just thought that was quite awesome. It made my day. I'm going to call them and compliment them and tell them how great that felt and how friendly that was. I hope all that rubs off onto the rest of the world. ...or am I just from another planet and you guys get that everyday?
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Chain employees often receive some training to that effect. And reminder memos go around.

BTW: Good afternoon!
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A friendly smile always goes a long way!!

I think it's great that you are going the extra mile to compliment them - a lot of folks seldom get the pat on the back they deserve............ but then, there's the others that we would just as soon they not cross our path
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You had a temporary time travel to the South, believe it or not. Not bragging, but it really is a way of life down here. Only thing that pours water on a "good morning" greeting is for someone "not from here" to "hmmpf" or just ignore you. Good eye contact and a smile goes a long way. Good to have you visit. Come back again.
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I bet you already know I'm going to tell you...

I say Good Morning to everyone! I shake hands like the politicians...(I hold your one hand in both of mine I'm also very likely to give you a kiss and /or a hug if you look like the kind of person who won't sock me in the jaw when I do! If it's a child I may swoop them up if I have permission. We may have to dance quickly.

I think Mark Twain said, "There is no such thing as strangers, only friends I haven't met." (He was not Italian, but he had a nice head of wavy hair

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Kobuchi, you're right. I just called them and asked for the manager (I didn't know who I was supposed to talk to). The lady was about to transfer me but then got back on the phone and asked "What did you need?...I'M the supervisor". Let me tell ya, it didn't seem "friendly". Anyway, I got the manager and I told him I want to compliment the store/employees for the greeting to me this morning and emphasized the "3 employees" and how great I thought that was. Before I could finish my compliment and excitement and joy about the whole thing, the manager stated happily, "Well...that's part of our customer service program". They NEED a prrrrOgram to be frrrrriendly? Oh well. I think he was happy about the call but seemed kinda bothered at the same time. *sigh* Oh well. I hope those employees get a big pat on the back. My last response was, "Well...let me tell ya, I've been to A LOT of grocery stores before and they've NEVER been this friendly."

This kinda stuff shouldn't be a "program" nor "reminded". It should be a way of life, but then should a lot of things.

I'm taking that time travel back to the South. It's lovely there.
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Publix grocery stores down here have become well-known for that kind of atmosphere and I don't think it's necessarily drummed into them; I think the organization must be well-run and it shows in the employees.

I always try to greet my customers with a smile and TRUST me, NOBODY is happy to have to have called ME.
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I was part of a group responsible for corporate culture. Company wanted everyone customer focused, even people in back offices.

Took a few years but it was remarkable the difference it made. People felt it was OK to be customer friendly and they were encouraged to be that way. Most people wanted to be nice but the disgruntled few kept pulling everyone down.

Pretty soon it was cool to be friendly, respectul and helpful to customers and fellow employees. It was encouraged by top management. Their bonuses were impacted by the message they sent. Grouchy wasn't "in" and was discouraged.

Sounds commercial but so what? It made a tremendous difference and was a succesful program. Made it a great place to work and customers loved doing business with us.

My opinion. Don't knock corporate programs that encourage friendliness. They usually allow people the freedom to be as friendly as they already are.
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People usedto be friendly around here ( Wayne County, MI )
Not much anymore--too many jobs in the auto industry have
been lost. In the grocery store, the cashier lines are long &
tempers are short, People seem to be in one hell of a hurry to get nowhere. You are better off not talking to anyone-you may not like the answers you get. I like to shop at a small grocery store--the trouble is I can't get everything I want there. You hope your car is there when you return.
You make yourself aware of your surroundings--it's safer
that way.I carry a gun at all times--it probably will never
do me any good but it makes me feel better.
It is a joy living next to Detriot & after a while you take it all
in stride.
It's not as bad as it sounds--sometimes it's worse............

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