power of suggestion


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power of suggestion

On the news last night there was a story about the contamination of lemon slices. It was based off of a national study that found more than 50% of lemon slices in restaurants were contaminated with different forms of bacteria. The local TV station with help from a nearby univerisity tested a dozen lemon slices from as many different restaurants. The local science lab determined the local lemon slices were as contaminated as the national study indicated.

This afternoon we crossed over the mountain to go to our favorite seafood diner. We both had water to drink but instead of usually bringing out 2-3 lemon slices in a small bowl like they usually do, the lemon slices were set on top of the water glasses. When dining out I normally drink 1.5 glasses of water but tonight the water didn't taste right and I only drank 1/2 a glass. I garuntee you the water was no different than usuall
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Ya, your story is a lot like the bottled water craze.

People develop a belief that tap water is bad and spend in the US in one estimate 10 billion dollars per year on bottled H2o!
The facts of the water craze are that in many areas the standard of quality of bottled water is not as strict as for municipally supplied water.........not to mention BPA in the plastic bottles.
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I know what you mean about bottled water. Personally I think my tap water tastes better than most bottled water but you can't convince my wife....... so we buy a case of water a week But if I had to drink the municipal water from a town to the south - I'd probably buy more bottled water. I'm convinced they process their water thru a clorox bottle

Forgot to mention earlier that the amount of bacteria found in those lemon slices probably won't hurt the average healthy adult but the young, old or sickly could be at risk.
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Nothing as good as well or spring water from the mountains. We have a pristine spring from the National Forest Land that has tested through the years to be excellent. The PO's of our house used the spring as household water source until they discovered the convenience of the well system. Not to detract from the cost of bottled water.......$1.19 per pint moves it up towards $9 a gallon. And I've been crying at a mere $4.14 for diesel.
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Our refrigerator has a filter so you get filtered water through the door. We change the filter every 6 months and the filter costs about $30.00. The filter is a pristine white when it goes in, but is a dirty gray when we remove it.

So, I don't know if it is the power of suggestion, as Marksr says, but I won't drink tap water

By the way, far more expensive than water or gas is printer ink...Printer ink, especially for photos, is probably the most expensive substance per volume you’ll ever buy—more expensive than gold, oil, perfume, even blood in most cases. If you’re buying name-brand ink cartridges, which typically hold a few milliliters of ink, you’re shelling out the equivalent of between $3,000 and $5,000 per gallon.

Have a good evening, my friends

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I understand making the restaurants change procedures to keep the bacteria out, but really, we've been getting bacteria laced lemon for how long, and it hasn't hurt us yet. I know it's gross but... THink about how dirty the tea dispenser is, or the ice machine or..... Ok, now that you won't eat out....

I don't take lemon anyway, so no big.

We have a well at the office, and the waters not so good, so we buy bottled. But it's less than 20 cents a 20oz bottle, so what's that $1.30 a gallon. And I keep one in my truck so. But tap is fine to, at home.

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