Hair coloring question...someone please help me!


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Exclamation Hair coloring question...someone please help me!

My hair naturally very dark brown (almost black) over the summer and around Christmas time I got it cut and dyed with a lot of blonde in it - mostly on the top like. So in November I broke my ankle badly and was out of work and couldn't afford to keep up with it, but my hair grows super fast and finally about 2 weeks ago I was sick of it half brown (the roots) and half blonde I tried to dye it black. It was okay for a few days, but now where the blonde was it's grey looking. I couldnt notice it, but a few people pointed it out to me. So on Tuesday I put some more black dye in hopes of covering it up and it isnt helping. What should i do?

I have 2 boxes of burgandy dye laying around that I was going to try...I dont even care if my hair is two different shades of burgandy, I just want the grey gone. I am only 24 years old and it makes me look like I have gray hair. Haha. And I just started a new job in a financial office, so I want my hair to look decent.

Can anyone help me? Will the burgandy help at all?

Thanks so much!
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Are you using a permanent color? If it washed out after a few days, sounds like it may have been a temporary color. Any darker color should cover the blonde and it really shouldn't begin fading until at least 4 weeks. If it is a permanent dye and is fading fast, not sure using the burgundy will make any difference, in fact, if that fades also, you may end up with pink hair. Maybe try a light brown, like a chestnut brown which would tone down the darker part and darken the blonde, but not to any extreme, so it should look nice until the blonde part grows out and gets cut off.
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I know some of us DIY hair coloring to save $$ and to better schedule the coloring to fit our schedule not the local beautician's.

I once went to the pharmacy for hair color. They did not have my color. So, I bought a different brand in a color that looked very similar to mine on the box. Oops! Hair turned out with greenish tones.

I put on my fishing hat and made an appointment with a beauty shop. I was told that when I changed the brand I changed the chemistry and the color oxidized on the hair. The beautician put a neutralizer on the hair to stop the oxidation and matched my natural hair color by digging through the hair at the nape of the neck to discover the real color.

My suggestion is that you go to a reputable beauty shop and have them correct the problem. If you want highlights, express that you want them done lightly and randomly from the roots and not to start at the roots. The idea is to have the hair look naturally sun kissed like after a summer at the beach. That way when hair grows out it does not look like you have dark roots. Go lightly!!

If you just started a job in a financial office, you need to look very professional. Burgundy hair is out!!! Get a new coiffure (hair do) that looks like a Wall Street woman. Natural color is always best. If you are only 24 y.o., you have some time before you have to worry about the gray. (Get a new wardrobe, too, to look like a Wall Street pro.)

You may want to do some research on very dark brown/almost black hair. No hair color works well on that color hair. It simply does not take color easily. For ladies with very dark hair, to change the color requires stripping out all natural color. Then, comes the ongoing issue of the dark roots.

Some recommend for ladies with very dark hair that color with 40% peroxide will do the job. You will not get 40% peroxide in the DIY color kits.

Get your hair back to its natural color with a pro. You don't want to risk damaged hair with that new upscale job. Look your best. Look like a pro. We women are counting on you.
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Yeah, we women.....wait. From a guy's standpoint, wait until you can see a pro. Gray hair ain't the end of the world, and trying all those colorations may do more damage than good. Let it go for a while. It may help the texture as well. OK, I'm through, you girls can have at it, again.
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ha ha ha Larry You funny man!

Welcome to the forums seven_x_ladders

I was in your spot years and years ago. I'm not THAT old but anyway... like the others said, you may want to go to a professional beauty hair place-BUT get a 2nd opinion too! OR...if they say to go ahead and color it again...MAKE SURE THEY DO A STRAND TEST first!!! (I know...I might not be in any position to pay a professional, but that's what it might take if you want it done right).

A lot of times, to get money, make money, etc. they may tell you anyway that it's ok w/out doing a test first. You must tell them what you did. A lot of times coloring and coloring and coloring after bleaching is bad for your hair. Trust me...I've had this experience w/professionals. I've had the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Now I just do it myself. No more blonde...if anything-pure dark extra black hair. LOL...or streaks. Anyway, you lose the strength and elasticity of your hair strand. least I did. I have very dark brown hair too and went blonde (literally went blonde) and couldn't afford it anymore.

Worse case...just wait. Your hair will grow back. You can keep trimming it and color it later. I know it will seem like a nightmare, but at least you'l be able to share it with others.

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