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Online Petition

Don't know about you, but it is annoying to spend time answering posts from new members who pull a post that is 4 years old and try to assist with a suggestion. I look at the most current threads and if recent, try to assist with an answer. It frustrates me when someone then chimes in that the post is X number of years old

I think that the super mods should petition the powers that be to write code that disables the reply button on any threads older than say 6 months. That would give posters time to update as needed on their projects to provide status or results after the fact.

If someone is experiencing a similar problem to a previously dated post, it would be nice for them to have to put the problem into their own words as opposed to them simply saying "I'm having a similar problem......"

Today's pet peeve.........
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Was it a good catch?
I read the thread from bottom to top, if not for Marks reply I would have give some advice on a 4 year old topic
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I've caught myself chiming in a someones reply to an old thread.
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if the answer is relevant whats the problem ?

A lot search the forums for answers so its just adding info to the database
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there is plenty of information to be gained in an "old" post. the only problem i have found with them is when someone replies to an old post with a QUESTION directed at the original poster, who is loooooong gone by then!

but to generally ask additonal questions regarding an old post, if they have a similar problem, should be fine, as the current mods will respond.

i don't see that there needs to be a change made to disable the reply button on old posts. maybe a pop-up that says "WARNING - THIS POST IS XX MONTHS/YEARS OLD" would be helpful. but don't hold yer breath!

also, i think sometimes new members can easily see how to REPLY to an existing thread, but many can't figure out how to START a NEW thread!!! so replying to an albeit old post is their only option. give 'em a break.
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a tech board I frequent does that , you do a search and any post over 6 months old comes up as read only and there is a message inviting you to to start a new thread
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I see no problem with members reviving old threads.

When someone answers a long solved question it is not necessary for anyone to respond.
As a courtesy to the member a mod could point out the mistake as the member is not likely familiar with forum ettiquette.

Lets not make this a thread for pet peeves but a peeve that is more worthy of our annoyance would be the lack of a member's location when answering a post.
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Greg I hope everyone see's that. Please, PLEASE put at least a general location in your profile!

The aforementioned issues would be nice to correct, but this board has been running quite a while without the changes, sooo....
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It's a common thing for newbies to the site to do. I think I did it once or twice when I waqs first here. I just figure there are a lot of other things to worry about, this doesn't really bother me.
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For those of us who offer advice, free to those who need it, we treat the questions asked with a sense of urgency. Its usually a current problem and people are looking for current and timely advice. We therefore spend time collecting our thoughts and try to provide effective responses to those who need help.

To take time out of my day to answer a 4 year old question is frustrating. The one that tipped me off to this thread was one that I did research on and provided a website with picture and such. I might as well have been standing in the corner with my dunce cap on for the duration of my search.

To say that everything adds to the thread and others will learn anyway, is not correct. Because as soon as someone chimes in "this is a 4 year old post", everyone stops reading the post and considers it irrelevant.

I like Annettes suggestion that a warning box pops up to remind the poster that the question is dated. That would work. Never did I suggest that the archives be turned off, there is too much information in there to give up.

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