Toll-free numbers


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Toll-free numbers

I'm sure somebody will know this. How exactly are toll-free numbers billed to the account holder? I'm assuming a flat rate per call like 25 cents or something?
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My cousin used to have this service and she paid a monthly rate which included unlimited calls. I'm thinking there's probably different options for different needs, tho.
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all kinds of ways , depends on what you can work out with the provider

what are you looking for ?

business .personal use ?
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Been retired for 3 years but 800 was a small component of my product line. We used to charge $.x/minute. Back then it was around 7 cents per minute. Calls to the 800 number from the local exhchange were billed at .25/call as they weren't really Long Distance.

Who knows what they charge today. Probalby a flat rate per month. Maybe unlimited minutes but there would likely be a choke in there somewhere, i.e unlimited minutes but only 4 simultaneous calls.
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Not looking to get one; just something I needed to know in relation to something else. Thanks guys (and girl).
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I have 3 numbers each, with 2 different providers. One charges $5 per number, plus something like 4.5 cents a minute prorated. The other charges $2 I think for all 3, and about the same per minute.

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