Hey Chandler - Was that you???


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Hey Chandler - Was that you???

One of the morning news shows had a story about a guy named Chandler that shot himself in the head with a framing nailer. The nail got full penetration but apparently missed anything crucial (or maybe the space was empty). He said the Dr pulled it out with a claw hammer.
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That happened somewhere in Kansas so as long as Larry wasn't working out of town........

I think it was the guy's buddy who was using the nail gun.
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No, but thanks for asking. I saw the article, too. I am so scared of my guns, I take the contact triggers off and replace with single contact ones. First gun, framer, my daughter was working with me, holding a board, I shot, it double hit, and the second nail hit the bill of her cap after ricocheting off the first nail head. That's it....
People laugh at me for my slowness at nailing, but I figure, one shot one kill will to the job. I've seen decks with step ledgers put in with 20 nails. No rhyme or reason.
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I too am cautious around nailers. I narrowly missed driving a nail into my leg a few years ago. I had my foot up on my truck bumper, resting the framer on my knee while I connected a charged hose. As soon as the hose was connected the nailer shot a nail through my jeans scratching my knee. I still don't know why it fired.

I'm more comfortable with a gun than a framing nailer.
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I seem to recall reading about Gage in a Ripley Believe it or Not book when I was a kid. Our chandler would seek DIY advice here before commencing such a project.

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