Strange death


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Strange death

My niece called from AL the other day.
Her son John-25- died in his sleep.
All day they had been running full combat maneuvers in the
AL National Guard getting ready for Iraq deployment.
The doctors found a slight enlargment in the heart-nothing else. Weird........................
Well, at least he didn't get roadsided.....................
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My sympathies to you and his family. Who knows why such things happen.

Some years ago, at a high school basketball game, a player fell as though he was trying to draw a foul. When he didn't get up, we checked him and he was basically dead on the spot. We performed CPR until the squad arrived (for the benefit of family and students). Turned out he also had a slightly enlarged heart but passed the team physical.
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Sorry for your loss. Congenital heart defects often go undetected. These are birth defects. And, these are the most common cause of heart related deaths in adults. Some defects are simply not detected, even on a military entry physical.

"The doctors found a slight enlargement in the heart-nothing else. Weird........................" Pursue this. I watch too many movies, I know. But, recent news stories have revealed distorted info.

"Well, at least he didn't get roadsided..................... " What does this mean?

The goal is to find out if the guy legitimately died as reported or whether of some other cause. If it were my son, I would want to see the medical examiner and/or coroner reports. I would also want to see the toxicology reports to rule out any chemical causes of death.

There has been much in the news lately about deaths due to electrocution due to faulty wiring/connections/whatever in the field. Hello? Heart?

I don't want to imply that anything is afoot, but sometimes things happen.

Don't understand the comment about road sided. Maybe it's cultural. Sorry, but it sounded so callous. Maybe you were not close due to familial relationship issues. But, the comment was callous for one of our sons who is in the military.

Your goal is to find out if the kid really had a heart condition. Or, if you have an overly creative movie plot like I or if something else was afoot.

You need to do some research and reading. Obviously you are on the internet. Where was the kid located when he died? Has there been a military investigation required. I can't tell you what to do, but if it happened to a kid

For the simple reason that you posted here in a public forum about this issue and appeared to be so callous is indicative of major underlying emotional issues and doubt. Get a grip and find out what these issues are. Followup on the kid.
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condolences to you and yours/
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Roadsided is when a roadside bomb blows the hell out of you.
You worry too much-stick to planting grass - you will be ok

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