Gas mileage


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Gas mileage

I recently made a trip (Finger Lakes/Niagra Falls) of about 1200 miles round trip. Once again I measured my gas mileage both ways only this time I decided to stay at or below the speed limit on the highway. It was tough but I kept it below 65 mph using cruise control most of the time. The car is 4 years old and this is probably the 3-4th time I've used cruise control.

On the return trip I drove at normal highway speeds (70-75). My mileage going was 24.4 and returning it was 21.5. Nearly 3 mpg difference.

That's pretty significant! Unfortunately, I think gas prices went up enough on the return leg to offset any savings I made driving 65 ($4.20 going, $4.25 returning).
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Vehicle drag goes up as the square or the cube of the speed. If you took one more data point at a different speed we could confirm which one it is.
If you waterski, I'd like to do some measurements at the end of a tow rope as to the drag in (non?)viscous fluids. Fuel is one you, beer is on me.
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You also have southerly winds more prevalent on your return trip, accounting for more drag.
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Not that it matters in any way, but in Sask, where I live, we pay $6.62 per gallon (US$). I read about people in the States going crazy over$4.00 gas. We havent' seen prices that low for a few years now.

As I say, I don't know why I point this out as it really has no relevance. I don't think that would make you feel any better.
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It's probably been 35+ years since I've been to Canada but I remember back in the '60's that gas across the border was always several cents higher than in the states....... but then you would stop and remember that it was an imperial gallon - you got 5 qts per gallon so it might have been cheaper at that time.

Those were the days, big cars, big motors, 25 cent a gallon gas #%#*!! time to wake back up and face our modern life

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