Semi-Perm Color on Highlights????


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Semi-Perm Color on Highlights????

I have medium brown hair naturally and have gotten light brown/gold highlights for a year now (at a salon). I wanted to go lighter and once she used bleach but it was WAY too light. I want to go back to my natural medium/light brown hair color. She has twice now used semi-perm brown color on my hair and put in minimal light brown highlights but the brown fades out after 3-4 weeks and my hair lightens up a lot. I want to try over the counter semi-perm brown myself instead of paying a lot of money to have a salon do it ... suggestions? I've never used color myself before. I don't want it to look too dark ... but I've read you can use semi-perm brown over highlights to make them light brown instead of blond & they will gradually darken the more I use it (every month or so). Please help!! I have a wedding this weekend & I want to darken my hair!!
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Not sure if they will gradually darken with semi-permanent color. I've never heard of that but then again, I'm no pro. The only way to really DIY this yourself is to do a test.

Find a color you want and look at the box. Most will show you an example of the color change. Might or might not be similar. Find one closest to your liking. Go home and do a test strand. It will probably give you instructions on how to do it. Good way to do it is from the back of your hair (head) so if it doesn't really come out right, it's hidden. Or depending on the length of your hair and how it's cut, you can trim a piece of the blondish color (if it wouldn't be noticeable or damaging the style) and use that to do a test strand. These colors tend to wash out over time from what I know-that's why it's "semi-permanent". I'm no pro but I've experienced a lot of coloring on my hair.

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you can cover your blonde highlights with semi perminent color.
use a light golden brown level 5 . fading will always accure with semi colors. they wash out..

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