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I know this is the wrong place but I ordered tickets to see def leppard with reo speedwagon and styx. my mom paid for the tickets but there in her name instead of mine. The ticketmaster online account is in my name. I have sent a email to customer service to see what they will say. My question is. can I use the tickets even though there in her name or will they have to be re-printed. i gave her the money she ordered them I paid $88 for the ticket and i do not want to have to pay another $88 at a ticketmaster outlet just to get them in my name. i done this before on 06 and the tickets came in my name.
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Will you be taking delivery of the tickets via mail, or do you have to pick them up in person? If by mail, I don't see a problem, as I have never had a ticket taker ask for my ID before. They just take the ticket, tear off the stub and tell you to keep moving. How did she order them, online? Whose account did she use?
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Should be no problem unless stated. We buy tickets quite often from Ticketmaster and have never been asked for ID. My wife just bought 5 tickets to Elton John, all in her name. There are a million reasons why you may not know exactly who is coming when you are buying tickets or if somone can't make and you find a replacement.
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ticketmaster said the same thing. I can use my moms ticket(she has not interest in going) the part of the ticket with the name address and phone number on it is a order receipt you tear that off yourself(conformed with ticketmaster) the ticket itself with the barcode does not have a name. the ticket with the barcode is used for entry the one with the personal infomation on it is a order receipt.last time i ordered tickets online that my mom used her card for i believe they came in my name (2006) the ticketmaster account is in my name. they said they have to put the card holders name on the ticket(sercurity reasons). just like the tickets can only be shipped to the billing address.the tickets were sent in the mail thats how i knew they came in her name.

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