Run outside when there's an earthquake...


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Run outside when there's an earthquake...

So...after that earthquake here in CA...there goes the news and everything else about preparing for earthquakes again. It's great but now...I'm confused. I do recall that it's not a great idea to run outside and that getting under a sturdy piece of furniture would be good. However, now they say to not to go under a doorway. I remember doing that once. I just read as well...not to go under furniture (desk, etc). Guess there was story about school kids getting under their desks (in some other country?) and they all died from doing that. the best thing to do is to get NEXT to the furniture (bed, desk, etc).

Ya know...I think the next time we have one I'm going to go blank, get confused and just stand there.
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"going to go blank, get confused and just stand there"

Isn't that a normal state for many in CA? LOL J/k J/K J/k!!!!

I'd say the best action is to move somewhere where the ground only shakes from heavy trucks and beautiful rolling thunderstorms.
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Amen. Most earthquakes are over so fast that the average person does exactly as you describe - freeze up. Tow Guy included; I've been in the neighborhood for four shakers of 6.0+ (LA, San Jose, Japan, and the Phillipines). I don't remember having time or actually doing anything during any of them.
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no kidding! they seriously think you have time to do anything? it's not like a tornado where you (usually) have plenty of warning & a weatherman showing you the twister's path. earthquakes happen with no warning whatsoever and are over in a few seconds, right? what's to do? i vote for going blank, getting confused and just standing there, with one addition: you might want to add praying to your plan of action!!
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Although I live in earthquake country I have only felt them a few times. The last one I felt was the Nisqually quake of February 28, 2001 and it lasted for at least thirty seconds. It was long enough that I got out of bed (I was working a graveyard shift at the time) several seconds after it started and walked the length of my house to get a "ring-side seat" in case my house decided to slide down the hill into my neighbor's back yard. The house continued to shake for several more seconds as I watched out the window.

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