A problem with this year's presidential candidates


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Smile A problem with this year's presidential candidates

I personally have to make fun of almost everything, and it is highly annoying that in this presidential election it is nowhere near as easy to make fun of the candidates names as it was in '04. By the way, I was looking around in the dictionary the other day and forund something highly amusing yet honest

The meaning of the word politics from Latin

tics=blood sucking creatures

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thats like the old if pro is the opposite of con then is congress the opposite of progress?

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A problem with this year's presidential candidates

Just a general comment -

One side says change.

This side has two members of the congress that originates all bills and expenditures. Somehow senatore have no executive experience and can avoid blame by bi=eing in a crowd and one did not vote in 33% of the votes, to avoid a taking a position.

The other side is a senator that is a maveric and a non-member of the problem congress Neither is lead around by the nose or dictated by a party, as proven.

The congress has a substantially lower (30-50%) public approval rating than the president, which means the need for change is aimed at the congress. The president is not running for re-election.

It will be interested how the parties handle it and more importantly, how the so-called anchor people/analysists do to create TV audiences. The networks never before sent "anchor persons" on an individual candidates first trip for 1 hour meetings with "world leaders".

Change is the key word aimed at party-oriented senator puppets.
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I'll take the 5th............................
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But, gosh, doesn't she look and sound good on stage???

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Plus she knows the muzzle end from the breach, has a kid in the military and doesn't believe in killing unborn children.
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To steal from j howard...I'll take the 2nd.
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I just hate the fact that it hard to make fun of their names since I don't like either of them. Once again I'm voting Libertarian. I know that they won't win, but at least I'm voting my conscience. If anyone wants to learn more about the Libertarian party visit lp.org . That is their official website and the only thing they might try to sell you is stickers andf the like.

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