Membership Awards


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Membership Awards

How about having some annual membership awards, that are voted on by the community?
For example:
Most helpful poster
Most thoughtful poster
Most entertaining poster
the list goes on.
Then the winners could have something in their avatar or signature, showing their award.
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Tell you what---when we start gettin paid $50,000 per
answer--we will give your proposal serious consideration
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Do moderators receive compensation, be it monetary or whatever, for their efforts on this forum? Maybe a purchasing discount???
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Ya, we get a big fat check
in fact it's so big that they can't use the mail to deliver it.... the checks are still in route on boat from China

In regards to the the awards, I always thought the occasional "thanks for the info" was payment enough
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Should have picked the direct deposit option; already got mine. Beer 4U2
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I just put down a deposit on my new house with my check.

Ahhh, good times, good times.
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I'm just a free lancer so I only get a per diem plus expenses.

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