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I was reading the "Law and Legal Advice" forum when it struck me - is this legal? Can a message board forum dispense on line legal advice without some sort of disclaimer?

Not a burning issue. I'm just curious.
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Can a message board forum dispense on line legal advice without some sort of disclaimer?
Good question. My question would be, why would come here to get legal advice? I thought only lawyers could give legal advice. Certainly, the only legal advice you should trust is that given by your lawyer.
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I think it's probably covered in the posting rules/policies sticky.

But anyone CAN give legal advice, it may just be

And IIRC, even if you give bad legal advice, you can't be held liable, UNLESS you misrepresent yourself as being a lawyer (when you aren't) or you accept a fee or have a contract of some sort for the service.

There are plenty of free legal advise forums out there, but most of them always say "contact an attorney in your area".
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It is correct that we are not charging for the service and members agree to our forum's terms.
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Besides don't we have a double your money back guaruntee
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Free advice might buy you a cup of coffee. You can gather layman opinions on public forums. Everyone has an opinion and other anatomical parts. Read the site's terms as advised. This is a doityourself site. Most folks share info through the perspective of their own experiences. Individual experiences tend to vary. Laws tend to vary from area to area. Lawyers tend to be licensed state specific with some licensed in more than one state.
And, posters tend not to post all facts pertinent to cases. Many post through prejudice. If you read the law forums, you will quickly learn that most replies tend to recommend seeking advice from local legal council.
The Law and Legal Advice Forum serves a worthwhile purpose. It provides an opportunity for laymen to proffer advice and suggestions for questions that seek legal advice in most posts. Responses to posts in the forum do not put the website at legal risk. While many laws tend to be general, they become state, and often area specific.
Thank you for your concern about the website's dispensation of legal advice. Keep in mind that the info rendered here is that of those with some knowledge, but from those that do not have all the facts due to limitations of a brief post, the experiences of the person(s) who reply, and a general but not specific knowledge of the law(s) in the area of the individual who posted the original query. Thus, the website has a disclaimer.
It's like the guy who wants to knock out a loadbearing wall. It is often difficult for a structural engineer or building inspector to determine if a wall is load bearing. The guy takes a risk posting here, especially when someone posts in reply that they knocked out a wall and no problem. We have no way of knowing if any wall is loadbearing. One should not proceed without the advice of a structural engineer. Even then, there may not be any guarantees.

There may not be any guarantees with an attorney. If you go to court, there is no guarantee that justice will be done. It is the preponderence of the evidence that rules. The burden is upon the plaintiff. In other words, ....for instance, if the defendant is dead, he/she can offer little/no defense. How many innocent people get sent to jail?

Every situation is situation, state, area specific. The website disclaims any responsibility for advice given on this forum, whether it be cleaning forum or legal forum. Encounter a post that recommended cleaning carpet with oven cleaner!?! Someone actually posted that here. So, the poster proceeds to clean carpet with oven cleaner and fibers get fried and there is color loss? How about in Legal Forum what to do about barking dogs, and someone posts to shoot them? The guy shoots the dogs and gets sent to prison with no knowledge of consequences of discharging firearms within urban limits. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This has happened on more than one occasion on the website. Is this legal here to dispense ignorant advice? Yes.

It's like reading your horoscope. Free Advice. The only thing that makes this website a little better is that there are posters who have experienced similar situations, but all the facts are never exactly the same. When it comes to the law, it varies from city, to county, to state. Same with building codes even though there is an International Building Code.

What makes this website special is that there are some true professionals here that dispense wise advice. The wiser will advise the poster to seek local legal advice. They will tell the poster to seek out the local building code office for recommendations for a local structural engineer. Anyone who has an important decision to make will do research and seek professional advice. This website serves as a breaking ground that provides advice to seek professional advice. And, if someone tells you to clean your carpet with oven cleaner, proceed with caution!!!
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Well, I guess she told, y'all.

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