Aren't You People Ashamed....................


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Aren't You People Ashamed....................

By using less gasoline---you have lowered the price.
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That is not why gas prices are lower. That's what some news sources want you to believe.
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Well, don't know whether thats it J, but I've driven less than 300mi a month for the last year.

I love it!
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Oil, per barrel has fallen 79% in the past week, while retail gas prices have only fallen 29%. Where's the money???
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Lower gas via lower oil prices caused by a global economic slowdown lowering demand and projected demand is not the best of news though it is a slightly silver lining to a very grey cloud.

It's impact on many energy based company's stock value has also been significant as it has lowered their earnings.

It also seems that talk has begun that this level of reduction could lessen the incentives to pursue further sources of oil and alternative energy sources.It's effect on the automotive industry seems to be a mixed bag as it removes some motivation to pursue conversions to more manufacturing of higher mileage vehicles and creates some renewed interest in trucks and suvs.

There is a happy medium where stable regular demand from decent performing economies stabalizes and supports prices.The wildcard factor is speculation which at least for now seems under control.

For now the global recessionary climate seems to shrug off lower production and unrest and instability in oil producing countries.At a later point after some recovery has taken place this will likely change.
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I like that fact the prices at the pump are going down but I just can't seem to time my fill ups right

I filled up my jeep a week or so ago at $3.11 only to see it drop below $3 the next day. Yesterday I filled up my truck at $2.59 and then returned a few hrs later with my wife's car and it was $2.55.

It looks like if you want to save $ on gas, just wait for me to fill up and the price will go down shortly

My wife just called me from work - the staition closest to her job is $2.47

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Hopefully, falling gas prices doesnt take our eye off the problem. We still need to consume less oil and find better alternative energy sources.

Prior gas crisis have been too soon forgotten once the prices come down. Everybody forgets too fast until the next one comes.
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In order for me to use less gas sometimes I thiink my boss needs to look at a map before sending me here, there, and everywhere.
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recession has not hit my business yet, 3000 mi driven for work the last 14 days, and just over 130 hours worked.

but diesel has not dropped much either.

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