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Even though I have started several threads I still have to hunt a bit to find that little bitty icon. I know there is one there and keep hunting till I find it. I wonder though about people unfamiliar with forums. Especially on days like today when there is a large add across the top for a paid advice forum ( One could easily mistake that for part of the forum and end up thinking they had to pay for answers.
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itty bitty? Not sure what you mean? If you go into a forum the first button above the announcements and stickys is "new thread".

I guess you could be right though, for people not familiar with these kinds of boards.

Luckily I don't see most of the banners and ad's, though I'm not really sure
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Neither do I. Firefox and Adblock make it possible for all the ads to disappear.
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Some folks set their profile up so they can recieve notificaton of email to responses. I don't because I respond to too many and don't accept email responses or email from the forum. Check your profile set up.

If you can recall which forum within which you posted, you can always click the forum and scroll down until you find your post and click for replies.

Paid advertisers and banners have nothing to do with the operation of the website.

To learn about the website, you can explore:

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