Oakland/East Bay weather vs. Seattle


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Oakland/East Bay weather vs. Seattle

Today's weather in Seattle is amazing! Can anyone currently living in Seattle give me an idea as to how often these type days (few or no clouds, nice blue sky, moderate temps), occur in the East Bay part of the San Francisco metro area?

I am considering a move to that area because of a job opportunity in San Francisco. My other half and I have come to the conclusion that we are most likely to own a home in that area if it is in the Berkeley or Oakland area (generally). Without turning this discussion into one of real estate, and realizing that where I may be working in San Francisco has a sort of unique weather situation of its own, what is East Bay weather like? Are there more clear days throughout the year as compared to Seattle? How are the temps, pretty moderate like Seattle from what I can see? Are there weeks of seemingly unbreakable clouds like there are here in the winter (lately spring, summer and fall too).

I don't need this type of weather everyday, heck, I grew up in New Jersey with cold and depressing winters. I do miss the fact that even in New Jersey during the winter there were days with some sun. I'm hoping the East Bay area may give me some of that back. I have had difficulty adjusting to the cloudy Seattle weather, even after four years of being here.

One last unrelated question, how green and lush is the East Bay area? I'm into landscaping, nice gardens and lush greenery. Am I going to be giving this up? It's been a few years since I've visited and I can't remember too well.

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Average annual temp in Seattle is 54 degrees with average humidity @ 83% in the a.m. and 62% in the p.m. Annual rainfall is about 38". Average number of cloudy days is 201. For more detailed stats for Seattle go to Seattle Weather History - CityRating.com

Average annual temp in San Francisco is 57.1 with average humidity @ 84% in the a.m. and 62% in the p.m. Annual rainfall is 19.7". Average number of cloudy days is 105. San Francisco Weather History - CityRating.com

If you are experiencing a sunny day in Seattle, enjoy! Seattle has quite a reputation for being rainy, but it does not rain all the time. If you like damp, cool weather, and an overcast sky, and mild climate, Seattle is a great place to live.

In San Francisco you will find more sunshine and less rain. While some also think that it rains all the time in San Francisco, it does not. Rainy season begins in October and and dwindles down as spring approaches. Rain is scarce May through September. For a good description of San Francisco's climate: http://ggweather.com/sf/narrative.html

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Better than Chicago......two seasons.....winter and the 4th of July.

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