Need some advice for a bunch of things.


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Need some advice for a bunch of things.

I don't know where to start. I have a friend that just bought a different house and he is doing some extensive remodeling mainly because he is a quadriplegic. He wants me to help him set up his computer system which I have done for people before and also his entertainment system. I have a lot of questions and need some good advice.
I know about computers and setting up a network and also entertainment systems. I just need some advice on where to get some good ideas to make this as user friendly for a quad as possible.
He does have some limited movement in his one arm and runs a remote control using a pointing device (pencil) and also his phone which he is always on because he runs a thriving business. He is not hurting for money so that is not a concern for him, he wants everything to be just right.
Where do you think a good place to look for ideas would be? For his entertainment system we will be hooking up at least 7 tvs in the house. His mom will have one in her bedroom and in the living room. I think they will just have the dvd, tv etc. in the room with the tv, so there should be no special needs for this except to run the cable.
For my friend he will have a tv in the family room, his special bath, his bedroom and downstairs. I would like to have all of his equipment in one central location away from the tvs so there would be no need for stands that take up space. I am going to look for an infrared system with an eye or something that will run it from anywhere.
Does anyone have any ideas where I could get ideas? Plans, best IR systems, what would work best? I am a little overwhelmed right now. He also wants a great remote that will run everything and that is quad friendly. Like I said he can run a phone, remote, and calculator and money is no object for the remote.
This is not my profession but people around here think that it is and I am always getting called. We live in a small town and no one is close that could help him. Could someone steer me in the right direction.
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no expertise in this but from some reading about structured wiring i think maybe a central computer system to run everything might make the controls easier to run

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Any ideas what and where to look?
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Become familiar with ADA. It's not just for building access.
Look into the IT section.
Home page: ADA Home Page - - Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Sample search string: ada computer devices
Typical result: Adaptive Computer Products

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