Searching for a Lost friend Overseas/non-English country


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Searching for a Lost friend Overseas/non-English country

Many years ago, I temporarily worked overseas and made a good friend, although we weren't so close, ... more likely only job-related friendship.

Now, after years past, I started to yearn for re-establish a friendship I had with her, although she might not want me to get in touch with her due to some discrepancies in our personal lives.

Looking back, she was NICE and good to me in many ways that I didn't realize at the time when I was young and naive.

Twice I researched 'Facebook' whether I am able to find her, ... but it seems quite hard because things happened overseas where her language is NOT English.

Thanks for any ideas or advices on this, in advance.
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(cough cough) stocker (cough cough)
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I'm not sure where you should start, Embassy might have some help...but I would advise against it. It's never the same...but good luck to you.

btw Mark...a stocker is a race car or someone who works in a grocery...maybe you meant stalker? lol
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Searching for a Lost friend Overseas/non-English country

You can do it, but it takes time, a lot of effort and some costly telephone calls - nothing beats getting others in the country helping you. Embassies are a waste of time if the person in not an American. A personal call to the embassy will probably get you more assistance if you tell then who you are trying to find and why. - It is a "rally around the flag" routine and you will have some volunteers on the ground there.

I tried to find several people and there are many ways depending on the person you are looking for.

You can always go the usual Google route and look for all the possible name variations and spelling for that country or any possible alternates. If they had a family, search for any members with all the naming and spelling variations. Keep in mind that the spelling is not always what and American would think it should be. - Anything locally would be in the way it is normally used and the first name may be listed as the last name.

In some countries, telephone numbers are for the location and not the person. The person now living there may know where the previous occupant moved to.

I was able to find a person in Hungary that was unavailable even though the names were well known, but they dropped out of sight. I knew the approximate location of the apartment they were buying ( I was there) and knew they bought across from a school. Since I had been in the area, I used Google maps and Google Earth to find the the location. With this, I was able to find the school name and called personally. They had a daughter, and I was able to get a telephone number and e-mail address from the school because I was sincere and open.

It took several years and a couple of calls, but I got the connection. The internet and facepages, etc,. are really worthless unless the person wants to be found. If they are ordinary people, it becomes more difficult.

I have also had good luck finding people that traveled to specific countries and contacted them giving them information on the person I wanted to find. It is amazing, but when they get to that country, it gets to be a project for many locals to help put people together. It does not happen immediately, but it works.

The more you know about the area, the more ideas you will get for assistance.

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Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Geroge's father finds the girl he was in love with in Korea in Elaine's manicure shop?

Just saying.......

Cute sweet slim pretty girls don't always stay that way....
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Thanks for the responses along with a VERY personal experience which was described by concentmasony.

I'm female, ... the friend I'm looking for the same gender, female except age difference, ... about 7 - 8 years older. then in my early '20, age was something to do with. To me, she was like an aunt, ... not a big sister. She was nice enough to leave some refreshments on the desk I love to eat during breaks, also small talks. At that time, due to my incompetency as to thinking of society, in general, ... or I might have been a bit 'rude,' ... if not saying 'wild' that caused a friction between us.

For me now, it's VERY reminiscent to think about all things that happened many years ago, it's just like yesterday.

I wish I could go back to that day, even though things not always smooth.

If I'd see her again, I want to say first 'Hellow' with shy smile and then want to eat something with her at local restraurant.

I may look for her through someone I know at the place where I worked and from there I may be able to, at least find her whereabouts, although it might end-up just my day-dream.

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