Selling a gun


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Selling a gun

Does anyone know what I am supposed to do when selling a gun. I bought a gun about 8 years ago, and now I am selling it.

I bought it new so it's in my name, and I don't need someone using it for bad stuff and my name still be on it.
How do I go about getting it out of my name?

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I think it's pretty simple in TX if you want to sell it to an individual. Heres a discussion...didn't read the whole thing....
Selling my hand gun to a local person [Archive] - THR

I believe TX is similar to AZ. If the person could walk into a gun shop and buy it, you can sell it to him, no background check required. If you knowingly sell it to someone you could reasonably believe to be ineligible to buy at a gun shop due to mental or criminal problems, then you could be in trouble later.

I sold several in VA to acquaintances. I copied info from their Drivers License, got address and Ph #, recorded model and Ser #, with a disclaimer I had no knowledge of any problems with the weapon and was not liable for any malfunction or injury from such.
Both of us signed and witness or Notary.

For the best info, I would contact the DPS(?) and find the correct department to answer the question. Remember, not all cops are "gun guys", so their info may be flawed.

Now, the easiest way is to go to a gun shop and sell it on consignment. You may not get as much money as there will be fee's involved...but you don't have to mess with it.

Do not let anyone come to your home (unless you know them well) to look at it. You don't want that hassle. You can meet them at a local range or similar.

btw..the gun isn't "in your name" I don't believe. It may be recorded that you were the original purchaser, but thats about it. Like buying an appliance that you sell at a yard sale.

Not an EXPERT here...take all advise for what its much did you pay for mine? lol
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take the gun to a local gun shop like gg said that way all the local firearm laws will be adheard to. The gun shop will have a ffl and will make sure to file the proper papers.
In Ok and I beliveve in Tx, local registration is not required so your name is not really on file with that gun like you see on the tv.

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"Does anyone know what I am supposed to do when selling a gun." (I am guessing by the word structure of the sentence that was a question, even though there was not a question mark at the end)
So to answer what I perceive as a question. Get the money in your hand and then give the buyer the gun, preferably unloaded.

"How do I go about getting it out of my name?"
That firearm is linked to you for life, you are the original purchaser at the federal level of eyes. So anything that happens or comes up with that firearm you can expect a visit from some alphabet soup agency.

Only one way to do that, make the transfer through a FFL person and make sure they are legit.

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