Ladies please!


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Ladies please!

Don't use duct tape for taping shipping boxes and related tasks. Especially when it's the last roll. It's really difficult for craftsmen to make repairs without four or five rolls at out disposal, so kindly lay off our duct tape.

If you want to know why the temporary shower curtain wasn't hung as you requested, or why the couch wasn't repaired, it's because there wasn't any duct tape.
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That is funny! The only duct tape I have in my house is the aluminum foil type, the tape that is actually made for use on ducts.
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I keep mine under lock & key. Beer 4U2
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I've seen packages rejected if they were taped with "duck" tape.

Give her her own roll of the cheap stuff (and some clear package tape) and hide your good rolls.
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To be serious for s ec:You can't use duct or duck tape for shipping.Nobody will accept it.

My new toy is Gorilla tape.
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Going a bit O/T I remember a discussion I had with a postal worker when trying to mail box. At the time I actually made my living working in a warehouse preparing packages for mailing and could quote postal regs. Ok I didn't have any package tape at home but knew that it was acceptable to glue the flaps of a PB-636 box. Had the glue so good to go. Just need to hold the flaps till the glue set. Used a couple of inch long pieces of scotch tape.

Took it to the post office. The clerk said I couldn't use scotch tape to seal a box. I said but it was actually secured with glue. Pulled on the flap just to show him. Well he was fixated on the couple of inch long strips of Scotch tape. I'm pulling on the flaps and quoting postal regs to him but all he can think about is these to irrelevant pieces of tape. So I pulled off the Scotch tape and said is that acceptable. He took the package and I walked out before I was the one who went postal.
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I've done a lot of selling through eBay and found out a long time ago how anal they can be about tape.I'm surprised the glued box wasn't taped by the postal person as I have had that done and seen other have it done right at the counter.

Another thing is a return address.don't even think about shipping something without one on the package.I usually stick one of those labels charities give you but once in awhile forget....and when I do I'm made to put one on.

I ship from home mostly and the mailman will not take a package without a return address.

That said then there's shipping regs such as media mail.Different employees have had widely different views of what that meant.

Also if you do much shipping for any reason use an outsource like stamps dot com as those items sail through the system much faster and with no scrutiny.
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To those of you that ship USPS, the post office may reject use of duct tape, but duct tape has secured more items than you can possibly imagine out of one of our warehouses, or out of a container, on their way to a job site for installation.

Ah, duct tape, you can't stick with it (according to some) and you can't live without it.

Why there's duct tape soup, and duct tape under glass (it's smacking delicious, and it sticks to your ribs). On the job site, it's useful for taping the split in the moon when suspenders fail. Need to fix a flat or repair a hose? Duct tape! Lunch pail handle broken? Duct tape! And, around the house duct tape is indispensable for repairs and decoration. A Realtor once asked me who my decorator was. I told him 3M.

Use of duct tape must be a transferable trait, because there she was using my last toll of duct tape (carefully preserved and reserved by me for special occasions I mean how else would I hang the Christmas lights or fix the handrail on the porch) to bind a heavy boxes of dishes that she was giving away. How was she to know that using a mans last roll of duct tape is worse than abusing his tools.
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