Earth Hour 2009


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Earth Hour 2009

n an ever increasing void of logic we are implored to conserve energy. Mind you, an ever increasing population (the real problem) is inconsequential. In fact, the mere mention of population control sends shivers down the backs of politicians, raises ire among some religious groups, and sends many peoples heads deeper into the sand while other click their heals.

It seems that Earth Hour is another feel good event sponsored by a group of pious conceited hypocrites that sport a modern lifestyle but exist in emotional limbo, shifting from one cause to another. The goal is raise consciousness about energy usage by turning off the lights for an hour. It's meaningless to our friends that unlike other forms of energy, that can be reliably stored, electricity dissipates unless it's used. Turning off the lights accomplishes what? Well, we feel good about ourselves. ( I have a more practical way of feeling good using toilet paper).

I have a counter proposal. The use less air day. I believe that a once a year culling of the herd will be more beneficial than conservation of an energy source. Befitting epitaphs will be inscribed for ecologically minded participants, and their possessions will be buried with them, after being reduced to ash in a power plant furnace. Everyone will benefit from their sacrifice. This is a win, win situation.

Myself, I'll do my best to consume every last electron on every grid during the time out. I know you like to share Eco, so expect the bill.

I really appreciate it
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I saw it in a movie==but I never tried Soilent Green.
What do you think........................
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I prefer cheek for it's tenderness.
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AP wire snippet
Environmental groups claim Earth Hour a huge success. Hundreds of millions participate. They say it's MANDATE for climate change. It's about “hope”.

Hope is fine Eco, but in the real world (not your substituted universe) people actually have to make hard choices and follow though afterward.

Once America was nearly seventy percent forest, and bison roamed the plains. All of that is gone. People in Africa “poach” on game reserves because they are hungry, and need money. The Amazon is being cleared (burned down) for farming, because people are hungry and need money. Various ancient cultures are extinct, because population exceeded resources. If you think things are bad now, world population is set to double within forty years. The next doubling after that is less than another forty years afterward. Now, do what you do best: shove your head into the sand.

Try something a little harder than flipping a switch next time. Say, turn off the heat for two weeks during subzero weather, or turn the AC off when it's above one hundred degrees. That's what you're condemning your descents to do. Use less!

You know where you can cram your candle.
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I gave at the office.
Six days of no power last September and another six hours in February, due to storms taking out power lines.
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Man, I missed Earth Day black out this year!! Glenn Beck was on, so I forgot to flip my main breaker. Maybe I'll catch it next year. Get a grip world. 30 minutes of no power usage is only symbolic. Long term logical conservation is the key. I thought it symbolically odd that everytime they planned a Global Warming seminar this year, they were snowed or iced out. Al....plan those seminars in the summer when it's hot as everything, dry, no rain in sight, etc. You will have more impact on the lemmings.
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I missed the office donation, but I'll trade you for a couple of brown outs, and mandatory rolling blackouts. (Kinda messes with my oxygen generator, but I learned to breathe CO2, and now have a green thumb and finger).

Ah yes, All Gone, the Laureate with a plan to polarize the land with solar. How many years of study did it take for you to come up with that one, Al? Personally, I think it was something you ate. Let's see, block the sun with solar panels, and they all lived happily ever after.
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Since I get up at 3:15 am for work I slept through Earth Hour.
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It's a shame weren't able to participate. On behalf of all Eco's around the world I offer you the sacred Eco apology: Eco, Eco, Eco, Pity, Pity, Pity, Bang, Bang.

Myself, I'm concerned about the plight of the electron. Everyone knows that elections just want to be free; to be used to their full potential; to be used up; to go toward the light. But, by turning off the switch, these merciless killers exterminated umpteen billions of elections and imprisons many more. This injustice cannot be allowed to stand.
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lol. I didn't participate, nor never will. I will never satisfy the Al Gores of the world. Just for the notion of this, I had all my lights on, windows open, AC on, dogs barking, cars a running for that entire hour.

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