I would like to just introduce myself.


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I would like to just introduce myself.

I'm not aware of any other introductory boards so I'd like to just welcome myself into this promising community. My name is Cyro and would like to greet everyone.

Currently, I'm an engineer technology major at the age of eighteen and still living with his parents. My main purpose here is to look for advice, suggestions, tips, and just guidance in order to open the doors into providing much more aid for my parents with the new house they've just purchased.

At the moment, my situation is with the improvement of our upstairs main bathroom. You can view the thread here: http://forum.doityourself.com/patchi...ml#post1562359. If you've read it, you can tell that I've taken my natural mother's side as a grateful son and am doing my best to provide my own insights on to the improvement of the house.

With this house being thirty year old and having been formerly owned by an old widowed lady, there was a lot of maintenance problems to do. Heck, I don't blame her. A sweet lady like her couldn't have possible be able to just pay for professionals to do all the menial tasks that would have been possible if her husband was still alive or if her sons were still living with her. Even putting that aside, it's a house! You buy a house and you're meant to expect a lot of projects.

I'm not strong nor do I have a lot of experience with labor. But what you can tell from what I'm majoring in is that I have a stretched out arm for knowledge. As cliche as it sounds...It's true; with knowledge comes power. If I can't provide my stepdad the aid required to help him lift a water heater (yes, he tried unloading it with me and I sorta slipped my grip and it broke #$**#$&#), I can at least provide him and my mother the knowledge required to take on seemingly impossible tasks.

So this is me. I am Cyro. I am a son who doesn't take for granted what my parents provide me with and would like to do his best to justify their support for my education and general care of me.
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Well you've come to the right place for advice on home repair and such.There's someone here that has solid knowledge on just about every subject and often several who do.

And kudos to you for wanting to be helpful to your parents.

I can't really comment on your drywall situation,there are others with more knowledge than me on that,but feel free to ask anywhere on the site and someone will be glad to help.It's why we and the site are here.
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Maybe if you let your parents read this post, they might shed a tear. And then knock off some of the room and board you have to pay.

It sounds like you are nice, kind-hearted guy that just might get somewhere in life.
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Having a kind heart doesn't always pay off sometimes. Right now, I'm torn between doing my best (well Im meant to do so in general) in the next semester to switch to a university and switch into regular computer engineering major or stay in my current college with the many people I've met so far. It's disappointing because I've never seen such unity within a class-but from our last exam, we had such a large group of students just working with each other to get through the study sessions to learn what we needed to do. Then if I switch over to the uni, I'm throwing it all out and starting over...

...But, I got to get through life and I gotta get to where I think I deserve to get. Hopefully the people I've met will understand.

Besides that, I bet they would shed a tear. They consider me to be this nonchalant kind of son who doesn't really do much for the family unless asked to do so. Yesterday, my mother fell from the stepladder because it wasn't set correctly (she doesn't do much physical labor around the house so don't blame her)...Now that was the one of the few times I've ever shown sincerity to my direct family-with eyes wide opened, I asked if she was alright (trying to stay nonchalant as best as I could) and when she said she was...I still picked her up and carried her off to the couch.

Fortunately, she just hurt her left foot and nothing pass that. It could have been worst...She could have hit the toilet bowl with her head...etc. But she didn't. Surprisingly, she was able to get up and work on the wallpaper again. =] (I was helping her, don't worry).

Anyways, let's cut this short. Spdavid, I appreciate your acknowledgment of my effort and it's quite alright, I'm getting much help anyways. I look forward towards expanding my knowledge. And with you, Ecman, I appreciate what you said about my self. =]

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