Another 180 second story


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Another 180 second story

We all know and love the 180 second rules on this site for the time between posts....

I did not know this extended to a time limits for reporting posts.

I found two posts today both from the same person both obvious spam.The screenname said that name had 2 posts which clued me in on the second one.It was found easily.

The system required me to wait 180 seconds between reporting each one.That makes no sense to me.

The 180 second rule has long been explained as a way to control spam.Why is there a way to control the control of spam?

Is it thought that people will come on the site and report multiple random posts?Aren't reported posts looked at before deletion?

Doesn't a waiting period between reports of spam posts discourage reporting them thereby interfering with control of spam?

Doesn't make sense to me.
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Doesn't make sense to me either..... but then neither do a lot of things

Generally, reporting it once is enough. The super and group mods are smart enough to check the spammer's other posts and remove as needed.

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