Lawyer commercials


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Lawyer commercials

They banned alcohol and cigarette ads on TV, I think they limited doctor ads, does anyone else get REAL tired of the Personal Injury Lawyer ads?

Yeah, I know..I sound like NOP (lol), but jeez those things annoy me!!
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What you mean? Commercials like.... "Have you ever drank milk? If so, please call us because milk has been linked to brain cancer and excessive bowel movements and you may be entitled to compensation."

I HATE them!
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I wonder if you could get a Personal Injury lawyer to sue another Presonal Injury lawer for sensory neuro dysfunction caused by having to watch too many Personal Injury commercials
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My favorite parts of lawyer commercials is when the guy doing the voice-over has to say "not an attorney spokesperson" at the end. Never have been able to figure that one out. Funny, when there's a Roto-Rooter commercial on the guy never has to say, "not a plumber spokesperson".

Everybody knows what you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, right?
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Now yall have to be fair.
I had a paper cut and so and so got me $12,000
I had a hang nail (it hurt) and so and so got me $25,000

Seems to me if you are there to pick up your money and, you strain your back bending over to get your money, should you sue them?
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Lawyers suing lawyers? Where would you ever find a jury?

Guns: Nobody sounds like NOP.
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Don't know if they are national but here we have William Shatner shilling for a law firm. Given his character on Boston Legal I just think it is hilarious though the commercial plays it perfectly straight with no mention of his Boston Legal character.
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Well, Robert Young used to do health-related ads; they were always careful to have him say that he wasn't a real doctor at least.

One of my big legal beefs is class-action lawsuits. You know the ones; a bunch of lawyers get a "class" together and sue some entitity for $100 million and when the smoke clears the lawyers all buy new houses and cars and the people in the "class" all get a check for $27.32.

What was that line from Shakespeare about lawyers........
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We sue anyone for anything. We'll sue you if you don't call within the next thirty seconds.

Some of our firms cases

Samuel vs. Martha - a genetically confused individual sues his other half. Sleaze Law Inc recovered $500,000.00 in damages.

Headlines (Jury awards $500,000.00 in S&M case)
Headlines (Sleaze Law Inc fathoms another landmark)
Headlines (ACLU hails Sleaze Law case as discrimination precedent)
Headlines (Supreme Court Justice picked from Sleaze Law Inc)
Headlines (Congress Affirms Sleaze Law Supreme Court Justice)

Adam vs. God it wasn't Adams fault. Man should not die. Currently appealed, however Sleaze Law Inc has a strong case. We expect the Appellate Court to uphold the Lower Court decision.

Headlines (Adam maintains innocents)
Headlines (Sleaze Law Inc in fiery case)
Headlines (Higher Court may overrule God)
Headlines (Higher Court vindicates Lower Court)
Headlines (Sleaze Law Inc, an SOS law firm, goes national)
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The ones that amuse me are the social insecurity disability lawyer ads. They say no fees unless you win. I was trying to imagine the fees they would get because I cant imagine that paying that much. My mom was on it. She lived in a federally funded apartment complex. On my annual SS statement I would get something like $800 per month if I became disabled and where I am that isn't (insert expletive here).

Onto the personal injury lawyers. They say here there is a time limit after an accident to sue. That period is 2 years WTF. 9 years ago I caused a 3 car chain accident, when my brakes locked and I skidded 100 feet into the back of a Saturn ( I was driving a '90 Dakota pickup). Woman in the Saturn hurt her foot in the accident. 18 months later she sued me for a shoulder injury. Unless you are a contortionist when you drive, the shoulder isn't normally near the foot. She got $20,000 from Progressive insurance. To this day, the rates for Progressive insurance are sky high for me.
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I hate most TV commercials--I remember when cable first came in here in SE MI--" now
that you are paying for TV--you will not have any commercials" those guys lied to us---
now we have 25 to 35 minutes of every hour with a stinking commercial.
I was tempted to contact one of those shyster lawyers after the local hospital botched
my last neck operation (now I have to have another operation to repair the damage they did to my throat--part of it ended up against my vocal cords) the wife was an RN there for 45 years & she said --NO WAY.................
Ain't life a *****..........................

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Funny Family Guy skit......when Peter Griffin tries to sell his soul for something realy lame the devil's associate reminds him that he allready sold his soul for BG's tickets back in 1977. The devil then asks, "where can you find a lawyer when you need one", and behind him is large a crowd of lawyers (in hell). had to be there.

I don't mind those commercials as much as the male enhancement and e.d. commercials.
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Have to agree with you on that one, if I hear the line ".....that lasts longer than four hours" one more time I think I'll scream.

I love DVR; advertisers must hate it. Beer 4U2
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Have they ever come up with a drug for the opposite of that problem? If they did, I would probably buy it. After 3 hours it really hurts.

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