Minnesota Woes


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Minnesota Woes

Our fine Governor has said for years that he will not raise taxes. He doesn't seem to mind raising/implementing 'fees' but I guess that doesn't count.

What I don't understand is how can someone run a state, pledge to not raise taxes while the costs to the state keep going up?

Does he think:

1) wages will never go up?

2) cost of equipment will never go up?

3) cost of supplies (concrete, blacktop etc.) will never go up?

4) insurance costs to the state won't go up?

Put it this way:

Your employer says he'll never raise wages. However, your cost for groceries, utilities, insurance etc keeps going up. Eventually you reach a point where you can't survive.

Maybe I'm just a moron but I don't see how this can work.

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No, certainly not a moron, just not a politician.

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Baldwin -

You apparently missed something. After trying to come up with a balanced budget (which is required by Minnesota law) for the last session, the Democrats slipped in a bunch of tax increases (billions of $s) to create a last minute budget. The governor has promised to veto the budget and it is unlikely it will be over-ridden since it will require the individual senators and representitives to vote in public.

The Governor will probably not call an extra session since a legal budget without tax increases was not offered will months or work. Since there will be no budget in effect, he has the opportunity to "line item veto" or pare down the proposed items to create a legal operation and cut out many tax increases.

Not every state have a requirement for a balanced budget.

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