Art Linkletter was right....


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Art Linkletter was right....

kids say the darnedest things. This one had my wife ROFL.

This was my daughter and I at the dinner table last might. I was multi-tasking and doing the daily crossword. A little background, this is our 20 year old college kid and among other things her prior high school courses included creative photography. This course included developing and printing their own film; it was pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm doing the crossword and come across a clue that's right up her alley (you would have thought):

Tow Guy: What's a "darkroom solution".

Daughter (looking at me with a puzzled look on her face): Light???

P.S. She is not blonde; just thought I meant a solution to a dark room. Won't let her forget that one for a while.
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I don't remember too many crazy things my sons said when they were young - I was always working

But our grandson, that's another story

When he was 2 he would eat meat and not much else so I called him a carnivore. When his mother came to pick him up, he tattled on me. After she got over the shock of him using that word, she told him he was one.

He's wanted to know if there was color in the world when I was a kid.

He was outside when I was weedeating and I found a land turtle, I picked it up and set it on the short grass for him to see. I told him not to get too close. When his mother picked him up, I asked him if he told her what he saw - he said "I saw a chinese snapping turtle - you could tell by the writing on it's shell"

Probably a lot more but that's all my feeble mind can recall at the moment
ain't grand kids great
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I was babysitting my boss's 3 (at the time) year old daughter. She saw her dad's truck loaded with stuff for a dump run. She said "What is all this (four letter word for fecal matter) in my dad's truck?" I was startled for a second, then remembered who her father is. Can't say anything myself because if I ever have a kid, in kindergarten his/her first words would probably be "When the eff (unedited) is recess?" I would probably say in the parent teacher meeting "Wonder where the eff he/she pick up that kind of language?"

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