DIYaddict.....where are you?!?!?!


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DIYaddict.....where are you?!?!?!

just in case you're reading this, please shoot me a PM!!!! miss ya, Sweetie!!!!

as for everyone else...........HI GUYS!!!! remember me??? sorry i've been away for so long - my old job allowed me 8 hours of internet surfing to my heart's content, but my new job, zippo!!!! and usually, at home, in the evenings, there's just no time. but i still think about all of you! hope everyone's doing well.

Take Care!
(former Super Mod - Decorating forum)
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Hey, we miss you too!
Victoria (DIYaddict) hasn't logged in since August 30/08.

Amazing how a job can cut into your personal life.
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Hello Annette - and welcome back...
Dont you just hate it when work comes between pleasure...?!?!(kinda).
Glad to see you back..and hopefully moreso....
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I think Vicky got laid off of her old job. Presumably she's gotten a new job but it may interfer with her time/ability to participate in the forums
...not unlike someone else we know:

Welcome back Annette!
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Hide the shoes!
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Yeah, we need someone to stir the pot around here. glad you're back

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