It's time for another RANT.......


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It's time for another RANT.......

I am so sick and tired of the government doing things half as..d. Do they not know how to follow through with anything? Do not take this the wrong way. I am not only busting on the present administration but past administrations. Government at all levels. I am even going to include the utilities in this rant.
I do believe the (up to ) $1500.00 is good for our industry to help in boiler sales. I do not agree that they should stop there.
I do not want government intervention in business and everyday life but if you are going to offer rebates make sure the rebate money is deserving.
Why give rebate money on efficiency when we do not know what efficiency we are operating at. To offer rebates on 90%, 95%, 85% etc is stupid. Why would someone offer money for a product of a specific efficiency even though it is not going to operate at that efficiency. It will operate some where between 85% and 98+%. We are rewarding people to assist in keeping our industry down. There should be a requirement for a heat loss to be performed and require it to be filed with the rebate form when taxes are done.
I realize many people say the heat loss is the contractors responsibility but I feel it is the home owners responsibility. If they have the heat loss done then all bids are apples to apples. Takes away the bids on different size boilers and would ease the selection process somewhat. It is amazing how many calls I get where the homeowner gets three bids and all three bids are a different size boiler. Maybe as many as 3-5 sections different. Just recently I had a situation where the old boiler was a 5 section, the new boiler was an 8 section. Fuel bill went up. That was removed and a 3 section went in. Fuel bill went down 35% from the original boiler. You ask why it was bumped 3 sections, someone measured the cast iron radiation and sized the new boiler off of that.
For years I said do not measure the radiation do a heat loss. I now stat do measure the radiation. Not to size the boiler but to know where to set the heating curve. It will tell you the high and low side of the curve if you are going to do outdoor reset. No outdoor reset...don't waste time measuring the radiation. The amount of radiation has NOTHING to do with boiler sizing....NOTHING AT ALL.
So let's get the government on the ball and quit giving rebates to half done jobs. Let's require a heat loss and quit saving pennies dictating efficiencies, which change as water temperature changes, and start saving dollars with proper sizing.
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What is the incentive for gov't workers, once they get in, to become experts in various fields of endeavor, when they can wear nice clothes, have clean hands, and get lot's of money and bennies and retirement packages, and it always remains the status quo even, with new elections?

You think these employees wake up every morning pondering how they can shave a few thousand or millions here and there, the same way some private company might?, when they do not have to worry about losing their job or having their 'company' (gov't, in this case) go under?

Have you ever also heard that banks are not in the housing business - only the lending business? Yet, it would have been in their best interest if they learned something about what they are dealing in, right?

It kind of makes you wonder how there are all these geniuses out there, who even win awards for their accomplishments (I came across pages of this stuff in my World Almanac this morning) - and yet when it comes to how the country gets run, it appears to be run by misfits who know nothing how to run anything. My next door neighbors, who have 4 kids at home, can live like kings (pay cash for nice car and Suv even), because they budget, and do things right! And yet if they took an IQ test, they surely would not show levels like MIT or Harvard grads, who you would think the gov't would have employed or seek advice from, on how to run this country in the best way possible.

It's all quite amazing actually.

Look at the situation California is in. And they want a bailout too!

Why are we in such dire striaghts and the gov't can seem to run things the way they should be? I think a lot of it is because we a benevolent people. And many of the constituency votes for politicans to give them things(programs) that can not be afforded to be given. But yet they give it anyway, and we dig ourselves into a hole now we will never climb out of.

Quite an interesting concept when you think about it; how say the poorer people become, as a society, the more they rely on a gov't to give them stuff, the more likely they are to vote for people promising to do that, and since they make up the most votes, they can end up causing the country to go down the tubes by demanding that which cannot be given.

There also is lot's of money doled out to things, that have been theorized that can possibly cost us money now, but save us money in the future. Theories that are perhaps hard to quantify.

Then the gov't spends money generously for things that any private business would surely scrutinize a lot more. $800 hammers and the such come to mind.

And accountability. Like, where did the billions of dollars go that were earmarked for Iraq reconstruction projects, that just 'disappeared'?

And for projects that say NASA comes up with, that is going to advance civilization? Like how we can land on the moon and 40 years after, learn how to send craft all over the solar sytem and learn that other planets have dust and frozen water or other frozen stuff and poisonous clouds, and other inhospitable environments?, that might further our cause to understand how it all got here? A fun project perhaps to someone that is rich. But if you have no money and are way in debt, do you keep doing this stuff?
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I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

Run for your life, or they will run your life.
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IRS should really mean I represent satan

Then another sticker is TheIRS.

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