cash-for-clunkers voucher plan


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cash-for-clunkers voucher plan

Here we go again, another give away, that will in this case, most likely go straight into the car dealers pockets. At least most of it.

Example: a $25,000 (sticker price) vehicle that could normally be purchased for $22,000 or less, will now be $25,000, less the $3,500 or $4,500 allowance. It should be the best negotiated price, then we apply the government money.

We will of course have to see the details once everything is signed, but my bet is the dealers will be working overtime to pocket as much of this new give away as possible.

How do we say "STOP" loud enough to get our fearless fly-swatter to listen.

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How do we say "STOP" loud enough to get our fearless fly-swatter to listen.
Vote Libertarian. asiojgekoa[-vp
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Or, don't vote "party", vote "person". That will get their panties in a bunch for sure in 2012. Like an Etch-a-sketch....turn it upside down and shake. If the "person" is qualified and has a proven track record, they get elected. Most of what we have in office now will be flushed with the rest of......nevermind.
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Those of us who voted Libertarian (like me) should be the only ones with the right to criticize our president. Certainly the people who voted for him shouldn't complain. This is going to be a very expensive "I told you so". How many of us had to write in Bob Barr and Wayne Root's names to vote our conscience like me?

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