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Just saw something..haven't verified it yet. They said SS will not be increased for the next 2 yrs...won't drop (thats not allowed by law), but by some of the fees/deductions that are increasing..the payments will be lower.

My wife now sees that me convincing her to stay to retirement in the Navy was a pretty good idea. 2 retirement checks and a pretty good medical plan (no dental though..durn it) make living in a small town pretty easy. Wouldn't fly in San Diego or D.C. area though
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Nap, I have only seen one "government" agency that has been able to keep its money and use it without interference or theft. That is the Department of Natural Resources in Georgia. Here, all hunting and fishing license fees, and basically anything you pay for to enjoy the sports is kept in the DNR fund and cannot by law be used by any other agency. In addition, the DNR proposed many years ago to have the state make a car tag with wildlife stuff on it. The added charge for the tag is $25, and it all goes to the DNR. The Department of Transportation didn't realize that, and pitched a royal fit. The law won out and the DNR has more money to improve parks, hunting and fishing areas, boat ramps, etc. without anyone messing with their money. Cool.
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Yea--------my premiums for part D were increased by $2 last year--nice
Dr. co-pay increased $20 to $35 per visit.
Hospital visit increased from 0 to $700.00
If the new health program passes--#310-330 billion will be removed from madicare
Guess who will make up the difference....................
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Social Security Trust Fund

From what I understand, the Trust Fund has already been virtually depleted. Instead of investing SS funds in something that would appreciate, funds have been used to purchase government bonds, and the proceeds of the bond sales have financed other areas of government. It's one of the ways they've been manipulating the national debt.

They predict that revenues from the SS tax will cover benefits only until 2013. After that, who knows?

The way the law is written, funds received in a current year must be used to pay benefits, and anything remaining can be invested. There actually doesn't seem to be any provision for how funds in trust (assuming the bonds can be cashed) are to be spent. The more I learn about it, the scarier it gets!
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Our DNR here in Ohio has pretty much been taken over by the bunny huggers & eco-nuts. Lands that were bought & paid for with revenues from hunting & fishing licenses have now been opened up to bird watchers and picnickers--and the hunter and fishermen's interests are now subordinate to the "general public."

Much of one of our largest gamelands, Killdeer Plains, has been flooded and is being used as a sanctuary for the Massauga rattlesnake. It was the best field trial grounds east of the Mississippi, but has now been closed to field trialing. I expect hunting to be the next thing to go.

A large section of Grand River Wildlife Area, another large state gameland, has been flooded by beavers damming up the creeks, again ruining it for hunting and field trialing.

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