Funny Thing


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Funny Thing

Funny thing--when I started on medicare--it was run by the
fed. gov.
When part D ( RX ) w/ supplement coverage came up last year-
ever since-- my medicare has been run by BC/BS.

Our fearless leader says " private insurance co's will have to
compete against us"---I really wonder ???????????--

Around here--the insurance co's are running pro ads. for
goverment health insurance---never saw anyone want so
much to cut their own throat--makes me wonder ?????

Sleep well folks--soon-one way or the other--your tax dollars will be hard at work.........................
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And I'm sure the senators, representatives, Barack & Michelle, and everyone else in the federal government just can't WAIT to chuck their current health plans and sign up the "universal" stuff.

For those who want the universal coverage, call your congressman and senators and ask them point blank if elected officials will be required to participate. Shouldn't they want to lead from the front?
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Funny thing........
Why is our fearless leader & his rubber stamp congress so quiet about medical
Everytime we go to the Dr. or the hosp.--we pay big $$$$$$$$ to cover their payments
for insurance b/cause of shyster lawyer lawsuits.............
Is it b/cause they are lawyers too or b/cause lawyers love to give them money to
run their campaigns....................
Maybe not so funny......................................
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I will be 35 (yowza) in October. Some days, high school sems like yesterday instead of 17 years ago. I do not think that I will have to worry about the existence of Medicare when I turn 65 (28 years extinct probably).

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