Sporting news....


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Sporting news....

I see another so-called "professional athlete" has bit the big one in regards to drug revelations.

I'm thinking MLB should just close the record books at an appropriate cut off point (turn of the century maybe?) and start over. That way any records put up by the likes of Bonds, A-roid, Sosa, Ortiz, et al, won't overhsadow the records of the real athletes of days gone by. Oh, and anyone popping positive should be gone the first time. Shoeless Joe was banned for life for less.
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Anyone need a quarterback? Our former one is up for sale. Only minor stuff like drowning and beating dogs to death because they won't fight. Otherwise, he's a stand up guy. Personally, I hope no one hires him. Certain things in life overshadow your ability to throw a ball. Sorry TG, didn't mean to hijack your thread, but it had similarities.
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Come on Chandler...he didn't do that personally..just knew about it on his property..and bankrolled it..etc etc.

That was about 10 miles away from where I lived in VA..luckily I left just before it all came I'm not tainted. Though Iverson was also from the area...he wasn't a much better example.

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