Left-handed compliment for you moderators!


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Left-handed compliment for you moderators!

I was on a thread a professional contractor's site where they were discussing DYI TV shows, and found this:

“They don't hurt us near as much as DIY forums. You've got folks on there that have their little businesses in place in their little home town for 30 years, not much competition, and bored, so they sit there all day giving out advice and techniques that have taken us years to master. Those are the idiots that piss me off…”

Construction shows on tv hurting the industry? - Contractor Talk - Professional Construction and Remodeling Forum
Geez--the techniques & advice you guys are giving us are the same ones it took these big time pros "years to master" I can understand their attitudes!

Thank you all, Moderators!
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And we don't pay union dues either!
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Interesting thread on that forum. You should see some of the comments I've seen on some others...I think the HVAC types are some of the worst. Some rules I understand..but not telling someone how to even CHECK for proper operation??? And then piling on abuse about stealing food from my mouth?? Thats a little over the top.
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I'm a retired proffesional painter but even if I was still actively working, I wouldn't see any problem with advising someone on how to paint correctly. The customers that want advice on doing it theirself are probably ones that wouldn't pay a good price to have the work done anyway.......... and I can tell someone all day long how to paint a window [or whatever] but I can't give them the speed or the automatic know how that comes from years of experience. I can't imagine other trades being that much different.
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I would say something........but----------
tg might damage another PC pressing the delete button too fast........
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I'm like Marksr and others, although I'm not retired. It has taken me years and years to build up the knowledge base. Some from book learnin', some from practical experience (apprenticeship), and some from hard knocks.
Believe me, I am not "bored". I keep busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs with my business (praise the Lord), but ENJOY the respit these forums give me in helping others. What am I to do with any knowledge I have gained unless I release it to others???
Taking food from their mouths? Give me a break. If done correctly and according to code, a DIY project can have more pride than many jobs I have had to redo by so called professionals.
You're right j Howard, you'd get in trouble.
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If you ask me the majority of people getting help on forums are already planning to do it themselves with or without a forums help. It has been going on for 100's of years and will not stop anytime in the future. I think it's nice to have forums such as this so they can get good helpful advice to guide them through a project they are more than likely going to attack anyway. I have also seen numerous times just on this forum alone people asking questions and being led to call in a pro so that they do not do something stupid like cut a refrigerant line off their a/c just so they can move it to build a deck.
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I've only recently started posting here, but have been reading on this forum for a while. One thing I've noticed is people often giving advice in one area and asking for advice in another. So it's mutually beneficial.

And as you pointed out, these forums not only help people do projects correctly, they also give people enough information that they can avoid tackling something that is beyond their ability.
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I'm not looking to defend that board, however it's very different from this one. That board is for professional contractors only, and diy'ers are not welcome there. The purpose of that board is to share information with other professionals contractors in exchange for possibly getting some info that you might need as a professional contractor. Very different than giving advice to diy'ers. Different people involved and a completely different mindset. Doen't make em bad folks, they just have a different interest than helping diy'ers.

As to the home improvement shows, many of the shows have misinformation that can some times turn your stomach. Installations, that as a pro you know will fail in short order.

People who participate at this board are a different kind of people, willing to share info with diy'ers. Does it make us better people than those at the other board? Probably.
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I stumbled onto that board looking for some "how to" information. I was surprised to see that there really isn't much there.

It's mostly about government regulation of the trades and marketing tips. One thread I thought was funny was a "how to." How to knock on doors in a neighborhood and drum up business--somehow, this didn't seem very professional to me. Given the approach that was suggested, it sounded pretty sleazy.
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Face it,the single biggest reason so called "pros" trash talk about sites like this one is because by us telling folks how to do DIY projects and how to do jobs these people might have called pros to do we're theoretically threatening their business.It's all about the money.

That and ego.I work in hardware retail,have been my whole life.Grew up in my Father's business then have worked for others and no big boxes.I encounter pro ego every day.they think they know more and know it better than anyone else,and that anyone else doesn't know poop.they throw around ego,machismo and attitude all the time.

Don't get me wrong,not all of them do this but there a percentage that do.Some are regulars and we dread seeing them walk through the door.

For me this site is about supporting the business I know and have spent my life in.DIYers are the life blood of hardware retail not pros.We hear far more complaints from pros about price because they buy through suppliers,wholesale etc yet do they cut what they charge when they get product for less?No.And you wouldn't believe the shoddy and low end product I've seen them buy to save a few pennies on a job.

Anyway what some egotistical pro with all kinds of attitude thinks means nothing to me and I certainly hope people reading those words on that site will take it with a huge grain of salt.they are thinking about themselves not the customer,DIYer or business.
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Did anyone notice that post on the "other" forum was dated February 24, 2008? Eighteen months and no additional comments.

I did read a few other topics there and it seemed to me to be a bunch of grouches that wanted to blame everyone but themselves for any negative thing that might happen.
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I did read a few other topics there and it seemed to me to be a bunch of grouches that wanted to blame everyone but themselves for any negative thing that might happen.
Ouch. I'd be surprised if some of the pros that help people on this forum also don't post on the other forum as well, including myself.
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Agreed. Whether it's contractors, online forums, or babysitters, it's never a good idea to stereotype. In the best group there will be a few that leave a lot to be desired, and in the worst group there may be some individuals of exceptional merit. Most groups are a mix, so we have to take individuals on an individual basis.

I didn't post the quote from the contractor site to villify the site or the people posting there. I have no doubt that there are some pretty good people there. The quote WAS truly a compliment to the knowledgable people who post here, so I thought they should see it.
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Sometimes sharing info is the best way to create rapport - our carpet cleaner has no problems telling us anything we want to know about his craft and, as a result of that and a lot of skill and dedication to applying his knowledge, he's the only carpet guy we recommend when our tenants ask who should clean their carpets.

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