Bureaucracy rules


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Bureaucracy rules

Some kids at a local elementary school in my area had an idea about recycling. They bought a couple of young pigs from a local farm as part of a school project. When they found out that a lot of school cafeteria waste was going to the landfill, they got the school to separate the food product and send it to the pig farm to feed to the pigs.

Great idea right? Waste gets used, the pigs get fat and everybody wins. They even got widespread TV coverage in the state.

Enter the feds! USDA inspectors saw the news reports and shut the operation down. It seems that the leftovers were not fit for pig consumption. Good enough for the kids but unsuited for pigs.

The USDA guys have obviously never "slopped the hogs".
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Too crazy..when I was in school back in OH, the pig farmers all picked up from the local schools.

Got a link to the news report? It would be an interesting read I'm sure....
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One word for you trichinosis. That is a very nasty worm people used to end up with from eating pork. The worm passed through garbage to pigs to people. It was my understanding cooked garbage could be fed to hogs but that may no longer be true or the farmer may have not had the proper facilities for handling the garbage.
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Ya, this would be a rare time I agree with the gov't!

Look at the fat unhealthy pets that get a regular diet of human food.
A pig's metabolism is much like that of a humans and I would consider it animal abuse to feed what I see in many school cafeterias.

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