Unions vs. free enterprise

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Unions vs. free enterprise

I have never been a member of a union, so I am naive.

I asked someone how it is that this one local company 'went union', and had to? pay employees more, more bennies and - as I recently mentioned somewhere in this forum - how this one worker I know there opted to quit working because of a pension clause, and now at the age of 56 is drawing about $23,000 a year, right now! When I mentioned this to this guy, he said that once employees decide to unionize, the company cannot stop them.

Is that true? Is there a law that says to all those workers, something to that effect. And the company cannot say: 'We feel we are paying you competively. And if you do not like it, you can pack up and go somewhere else, as we can easily find people to take your place for $12 an hour, and no benefits, as opposed to paying you people $18 with every benfit there is, plus a generous pension plan'!

The company can't say that can they?! I think by law, that the company has to go along with the employees demands, right?

Who in the world authorized anyone to be able to tell the company, that invented the company!, what that company can and cannot do in order to be competitive and turn a profit? If the gov't is the one that mandates such a thing, how can they do that if THEY were not the ones who started that company in the first place?

I suppose to those of you who respond, who have been union, obviously you are all for such laws. But if you think about it reasonably---isn't it dictatorial for a gov't to make such demands on private enterprise? How can that be argued with? I don't see how it can. Even if the company is ruthless......it is THEIR company. Let disgruntled people start their OWN company. How can this argument be illogical?
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It has been almost forty years since my college labor relations classes but you may be thinking of the National Labor Relations Act. I'm too lazy to look it up but I think it was enacted during FDRs administration, somewhere around 1935 if I am remembering correctly.

What the NLRA did was to codify many regulations regarding workers right to organize. It set the rules on how elections would be done to see if a majority of workers at a place of business desired to join (or form) a union and have that union bargain for better working conditions (including wages and benefits) for the employees. There are many rules but in essence, if the election for union is successful the company (more-or-less) required to meet with the union representatives and bargain in good faith. That does NOT mean the union can dictate anything to the company. The company ALWAYS has the right to go out of business.
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Originally Posted by furd View Post
The company ALWAYS has the right to go out of business.

Ya, but, it shouldn't have to come to that, if the company wants to stay in business and find workers WILLING (not forced) to work for less.

In my area, I was shocked to learn this, because as I said in another post about this subject, around here either there are very will off people that have professional jobs, or people who work at gas stations, the mall, the super stores....stuff like that.

Therefore, if someone was willing to pay double say what minimum wage was, for a job that did not require THAT much skill......why would the company want to pay 3-4 times minumum wage if other workers were willing to beat a path to the company's door, to work for less, or even under conditions where no a/c was in the factory......just barn fans, etc.

I mentioned that because my neighbor works at one of the world's largest furniture plants, and they have barn fans, and he says it gets real hot in there in the summer. The job is non-union, yet people fight to be able to work there, as it is one of the better things around.

That is how I was dumbfounded to find that the other place was union (trucker's union I guess...for non-semi, box or flatbed trucks), and this guy, who is my age, can collect that kind of money, for no longer lifting a finger.

Jealous? Naturally. But it really comes down to why on earth the company went union. I guess I really can't figure out anything about the unions, as it makes no sense in a free-enterprise system. Because then it no longer is really free enterprise. There are these if and buts in there,.....

..... like with being able to bear arms. There are ifs and buts someone snuck in that one as well. Because it says you have the right to BEAR arms, not just to OWN arms. I wonder why staunch Constitutionalists or the NRA don't get all bent out of shape on this one? (Although a friend of mine says that really only applies to the militia, and....(another topic I guess).

A friend of mine is going to ask hsi cross-country reefer trucking brother if he is union. he doesnt' even know! Later this aft, I may get to find out.
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Going to close the thread.

A quick reminder to everyone out there that the General Chats Forum is for light, non-categorized discussions or comments of a general nature. Let's try to steer it back in that direction and away from the 90 weight political discussions and blogs. Thanks. Beer 4U2
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