Transporting Extension Ladder


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Transporting Extension Ladder

Hi all,

(If sorry, but I do not know where this post should be...)

We have purchased a 28 ft. extension ladder and simply have to pick it up some time within the next week.

The questions is: Can I safely transport the ladder from our local home center to our house (5 minutes away) by tying it to the roof of my Chevy Blazer? I have heard people using a car to do this.

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Is that 28' fully extended? What is the collapsed length? Honestly I don't see a problem. Stay off the freeway, use a flag on back and split the difference between how much past the front bumper and back bumper. Be careful to stay well back of the car in front when stopping.
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Hi AA, if you are talking a basic 14' ladder that extends to about 28' then no problem. Just protect the roof or tie to roof racks and then tie left and right to front and rear bumper. If it hangs off the back enough to be a head bumper, then tie a red flag/towel to it.

If it is an actual 28' ladder, wow, I wouldn't tie it on a car. I also wouldn't climb it, but that is just me. Lord, I get the shivers just thinking about a ladder that size getting the shimmy shakes.


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I'm sure it's just 14' in lenght, I've never seen a ladder longer than 20' a 60' ladder has 3 - 20' sections

It should transport on top of the blazer with no problems as long as your carefull - both driving and securing the ladder to the blazer. You want to secure the ladder in a manner where it won't slide around both sideways and forward/backward. If your blazer doesn't have a roof rack, you'll need to take extra care and some thick rags [towels/blankets] to protect your paint.
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1) The Blazer does have a roof rack.
2) The ladder is only 14' long, 28' extended.

Thanks guys.

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