Now Heres A Shop Light


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Now Here's A Shop Light

A 100 watt LED. No not equivelent, draws a 100W at 34v. Luminous Intensity: Min:6400 lumens Max:7400 lumens. Oh did I mention price AU$500.00. See: LEDs
These LEDs are designed for street lighting. Many US cities including LA and NY are doing feasibility studies on replacing their 100,000 plus streetlights. These would replace low or high pressure sodium lights or metal halides. Low pressure sodium is unpleasant because of the monochromatic yellow but very efficient. High pressure sodium is more white but less efficient. Some comparative information on luminous efficacy is here. LEDs are about as efficient but have lower maintenance. There are other advantages in smaller packaging and better beam direction to reduce wastage. For example there are different beams for a street than an intersection or junction. All this does stack the data in favour of the LED. Cost being the main difference. A range of streetlights is here up to arrays of 200 W.

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i need one of these over my welding table....gettin kinda old and my eyes aint as good as they used to be.

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