Posting Lag


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Posting Lag

Been battling posting lag for about two weeks now. It's happened before and I hoped it would be cleared up by now but still plaguing me. At worst I hit the submit button and it just sets there with a loading indicator. Finally I hit Escape to kill it and try again. Sometimes the second try works but sometimes it is the third try. No, not my connection, other forums work fine.

Just for the techs. It seems to be the initial sending not the return acknowledgment that is hanging up. I can check the forum form a second tab in my browser and the new post isn't there yet.
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The IT guys are working multiple issues right now. They are aware of all the problems going on. You can't see them, but there has been a big increase in spam the last few weeks as well as some actual attacks on the servers. They are trying to make some changes both to help members and defend against spam/attacks.

Unfortunately...its about the worst time of year to have to do all this stuff. I've seen more personal spam the last few weeks then I have in the last 6 months...
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Probably a precursor to 2012. Thanks for the reply.
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Ray, don't tell me it's going to get worse

Hopefully they will get all the bugs worked out soon.
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(Let's see how many times it takes to try to post this...)

I'm having the same problem and not posting here because most of the time I can't.

If you need faster servers and a faster network, might take a look at

They are located on the east coast, however web sites there pop up faster on the west coast than some of our west coast ISP's!

I think they have some sort of wiz bang super fast networks or something?

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