Gray Box: Forum Problem?


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Gray Box: Forum Problem?

In these forums only I have a problem sometimes as I scroll the thread list of large gray boxes forming that obscure the text. It seems to be malformed tool tips. Tool tips usually do work correctly but at times turn in to the gray boxes or the gray boxes form in addition to the tool tips.

It sounds like a browser problem, and for a while I thought it was but this never happens in other forums that use tool tips to provide a preview of posts as you mouse over so I'm wondering is it just me or do others get the large gray boxes that obscure the text?
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Unless you have a color chosen for the box that collides with the forum colors, not sure. I can scroll over the threads and the contents show up for a few seconds and go away. Is that what you are talking about?
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Odd how things work out sometimes. My main problem was trying to get rid of them so I could continue the read the thread list. The usual things like clicking my trackball somewhere else didn't work. In attempting to make a screen shot to post I discovered clicking the Print-Screen key causes them to disappear so at least I know how to clear them now.
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I believe that Windows OP system leaves the "Print Screen" button defunct. A screen capture program is needed and that's the button that they normally default to. But by pressing that button without pressing "shift"
you got the "SysRq" function. An old debugging function that would return command focus from a running program to the keyboard. Not really an answer, but ...thought I'd pitch that in.
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I don't have any gray box issues.

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