Would even a Pro buy this hammer?


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Would even a Pro buy this hammer?

They're in business...so they must sell them....but to who???
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Probably the government - to help attach their $10,000 toilets seats to some senator"s "throne".
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What is the advantage of a titanium hammer? I thought you want a heavy hammer to help beat the nail in. That is why you use a 20oz hammer for framing and a 16oz for general purpose.
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I think the lighter weight of Ti is supposed to allow more speed at impact. At least that's one of the selling points.

I have a 22 oz Fat Max and a 28 oz Estwing. I only use the Estwing when I have just a few nails to pound. Actually, I only use any framing hammer when I only have a few nails to pound. Anything else and it's time to break out the nailer.
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14 ounces????That's for squat............nevermind. Vic will know. I am like Wayne. I have two Estwings, one 28 waffle face and a 24 oz smooth face. But in all honesty all I ever use a hammer for is to correct wood position until I can slam it with a nailer.
They are selling the nail holding ability, which is worthless, and the word "titanium", which is supposed to be lighter in weight, and as Scott says, why? 14 ounces of titanium costs much more than the hammer in question, so I am assuming it has a titanium "coating" at best.

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