warranty ????


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warranty ????

I ordered custom fit floor mats for our new jeep. They came yesterday. Expensive but they fit well and come with a lifetime warranty....... I think

1st line of warranty;
"******** guarantees to the original purchaser of ****** products that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the vehicle on which it's installed"

last line of warranty;
"Commonplace everyday wear on the product is considered normal and is not covered by this warranty"

So are they are guaranteed not to wear out until they wear out?
well at least they fit well.
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A warranty is just as good as the company backing it. Warranties can be cancelled for any reason the company comes up with, read the fine print.
A lot of companies and businesses sell extended warranties. This is a big money maker for them.
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Ahhh mark.....
Break and tear...vs wear? Come on...you were upset about something else weren't you? lol

That pretty much sounds like most warranties..material or manufacturing defects covered... but not just old age.
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I still laugh a bit at what the used car dealer I bought my van from stamped on the sales receipt. "Sold For Parts Only". LOL 14+ years and I'm still driving it.
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What I hate is the fake guarantee. Extermination companies really push that. They keep telling you how they guarantee their work. It isn't till the end of their sales pitch they mention a monthly charge for the so called guarantee. That's a service contract NOT a guarantee.

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