How to track down replies to threads


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How to track down replies to threads

Hi everyone,
I am new in this forum and I can only view or review posts when I am home. Most of the time is I am away for a week and when at home I tried to review or view some of the threads I've replied but sometimes I am at a loss which one I have replied. Would appreciate on how I can solve this.
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If you click on on your name in a post you have started or replied to you can choose to look at all the posts you have made. There should also be a way to do it from your User CP (Control Panel) but I have never found it. Or just make a folder in your bookmarks for them and bookmark them.
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You can also use advanced search, put in your name or any user name and it will bring up all threads that that user has replied to or started.
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Hello: Tino

Excellent question.....

I hope I did you a favor here.....

I went into your profile page and subscribed you to the email subscription notice to any thread you reply to and/or any question you post.

You'll now get an email to this reply post.... (COOL) I hope.....

Go to your profile page (user CP) to make adjustments. Subscribe to any thread and an email will be sent to you when a reply is made.....

Hopefully...........the system works.....Beer 4U2

Great test too! We shall see if it works.
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Thank you all guys. I will follow your advices and hopefully I will be able to use it correctly. Most of the time at night I tried to read and review threads. It is very educational and I tried to reply some that I may be able to help. Thanks again.

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