april fools


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april fools

I just saw on the evening news that a radio station in a nearby town gave a news report this morning saying that the government was moving the time zone line and the new time zone would split the town in half.

Some poor lady was so upset by the news that she contacted one of her elected officials to complain...... who went on to explain to her that it was a april fool's joke

Myself, I forgot that 4/1 was april fools day - must be getting old
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I gotta say I really took comfort in that story Mark.
Could be the only time in history when someone complained to their local officials and got "Just kidding! We're not really that stupid!" as a response.

P.s. there's a spider on the back of your neck.
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Wasn't it over 70 years ago that Orson Wells did the "War of the Worlds" radio show which had most of the nation convinced we were being taken over by martians? I know back in that era, people were more trusting of their government and also somewhat naive, but its amusing that April first pranks still get people in a panic. Some of the pranks nowadays are so much more sophisticated that it can be hard to tell truth from prank, but it seems this country has lost a lot of its collective sense of humor.

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